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7 Emerging Trends That Are Changing Finance

Finance leaders have gone from bean counters to the boardroom; the responsibilities of finance leaders have evolved to encompass everything from business strategy to operations to IT risk management.View White Paper
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Read the Forrester Report on the Total Economic Impact Report on Sales Productivity

Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying its Sales Productivity Solution. View White Paper
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12 Game Changing Trends for X-to-Order Manufacturers

The manufacturing industry has faced major changes over the past decade, and technology has revolutionized the way we do business today.
Discover how the latest advancements in manufacturing business solutions are scoring big wins for your industry. These 12 game-changing trends are enabled by the latest innovations in manufacturing technology, delivering a more seamless and connected experience from end to end.
View White Paper
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State of Global Customer Service Report

Polling over 5,000 companies across the globe - this report describes the state of customer service.View White Paper
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How to Elevate your Sales Team Peformance

Recommendations on how to elevate your sales team performanceView White Paper
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Cloud Service Operations

Microsoft Dynamics for 365 Operations Service DescriptionView White Paper
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7 Emerging Trends that are Changing Manufacturing

Learn about the 7 emerging trends for manufactures and how D365 can help you stay ahead of the curveView White Paper
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Infographic: Why ERP Solutions Matter by the Numbers

Productivity Benefits of ERP: Build Business Success View White Paper
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Digital Transformation: The Link Between Customer Engagement and Increased Revenue

For sales organizations, customer engagement is about more than touch-points - it's about everything that happens in between personal and digital encounters.View White Paper
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The Mandate for Intelligent Customer Service

Companies nowadays work diligently to interact, communicate, and engage with their customers in new and different ways. However, many companies find it harder than ever to provide customers with genuine, personal, and simple ways to do this. View White Paper
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7 Emerging Trends that are Changing Retail

7 Emerging Trends that are Changing Retail for Dynamics 365 for OperationsView White Paper
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6 Levels of Business Intelligence Value

To realize the full potential of business intelligence and take its value to the next level in your organization, you need a solid understanding of where you are, what you want to achieve, and what’s possible. View White Paper
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Business Owners Guide to Replacing Accounting Software

Replacing your accounting software is easier and more affordable than your company might think. This guide will help learn the benefits of a modern technology platform, better understand the advantages of a cloud-based solution, and the types of questions to ask when you are evaluating your options.View White Paper