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Managing Security in Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations

Participants will learn how to use the Data Management, Security Configuration, Diagnostics and Task Recorder capabilities to implement a security model. Additionally, participants will learn about best practices, change management approaches, Segregation of Duties, and common pitfalls associated with implementing security.Watch Now
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How to Have a Successful Deployment or Fix an Unsuccessful One

If you are planning to deploy a new Dynamics system, expanding into new modules/apps, or are recovering from a poorly adopted implementation, then we can show you the key to a successful deployment - understanding the fundamentals of organizational change management from the corner office to the line employee. Without proper adoption, the business goals of the project might never be achieved.Watch Now
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How to Adopt an Agile Business Intelligence Strategy

Learn how the James M. Pleasant Co. is gaining value across their organization using an agile BI strategy that started with sales, to truly enable digital transformation with BI leading the way. Watch Now
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Now That Microsoft Has Bought LinkedIn, What Are They Going To Do with It?

A 30-minute overview of Microsoft’s current and future plans to integrate LinkedIn into CRM, Outlook, and Excel.Watch Now
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What You Need to Know About Security in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

This webinar will review what is new with security in Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, including the setup and upgrade process of security roles from previous versions of AX. We will also go over how to make changes to security, architecture, reporting and auditing concerns, as well as potential license reduction when transitioning to Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations.Watch Now
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What's New and Upcoming for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

The Spring '17 release of Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement has some exciting announcements including LinkedIn integration, Relationship Insights, Action Cards and Relevance Searching. This webinar will introduce some of these new features and give you a preview of what’s to come. Watch Now
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Lifecycle of a Product in a Distribution Environment using Advanced Warehouse Management (Using D365): Series 1– InBound Process

Dynamics AX 2012 and Dynamics 365 for Operations have tremendously improved their functionalities and capabilities in the Warehousing and Transportation management areas. In the first series, we will cover warehouse management concepts and setups as related to an Inbound process.Watch Now
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Innovative Updates: Changes You Won't Want to Miss With Arbela and Dynamics 365

There have been a lot of new changes happening at Arbela and we want to share it with the people who matter the most -- our customers! Watch Now
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Customer Experience Model Not Doing As Well As It Used to? Learn How to Evaluate the Needs & Advance your Customers' Experience

Placing value on customer experience within your organization is nothing new. Your customers expect more from your company, requiring you to go above and beyond to respond to their needs. But how do you change the process and thinking so that every employee has a customer-focused mindset? You need to empower your employees with the right tools and integrated system in place. Watch Now
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Where Can Business Intelligence Take Your Organization?

Arbela Data Insights offers a solid foundation for making business intelligence a strategic weapon within your organization. The data scientists and business intelligence experts at Arbela can help you maximize the value of your business intelligence solution with ADI, from monitoring, reporting and analysis, through advanced analytics to predict behaviors and outcomes and prescribe actions.Watch Now
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Introduction to Arbela Data Insights

Arbela Data insights is a complete, pre-configured business intelligence and data warehouse system with Power BI that turns data into actionable insights. It lets all users throughout your organization tap into relevant, timely business data to identify real-time requirements, monitor trends, troubleshoot problems, or seize opportunities as soon as they develop.Watch Now
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Why Should My Organization Move to the Cloud?

Moving from on-premise to the cloud can be a scary change. Often, organizations do not see the benefit of switching to the cloud, and can think of it as a risky investment. Watch Now
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Learn What's New in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Role-Based Security

This webinar takes a look at how a security administrator should manage role-based security to provide access to duties that users perform in those roles.Watch Now
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Arbela Audit & Security Manager - Best Practices of AX Security

Learn the best practices in managing your Dynamics AX security environment and avoid risks.Watch Now
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Make-to-Order & Configure-to-Order Manufacturing Opportunities for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Nima Bakhtiary and Gilbert Garcia host a webinar regarding configure-to-order manufacturing, trends, opportunities, and possible solutions.Watch Now