Client Testimonials

Audit & Security Manager (ASM)

Arbela Security Manager is a powerful and unique tool in the world of Dynamics AX security. Not only has it empowered us to build effective, dynamic roles but it has made it extremely simple to audit what users are capable of. We couldn’t do without it now! Finally, if you are in a tight spot, the Arbela team will come through for you and make it work to meet your needs.
- Thomas Hasenack - Application Administrator

Arbela Security Manager makes handling security setup in Dynamics AX a much more easier exercise as well as enhancing audit reporting capabilities.
- Ray Jones - Application Security Analyst

Arbela Security Manager is an invaluable tool for managing security in Dynamics AX. It simplifies the complexity of AX and is a must have, especially for SOX compliant companies. Further, the support we received from the Arbela team was exceptional. I highly recommend this solution!
- Keri Lantz - CPA

ASM is a great way to manage security!  The interface is so much easier to use than doing it natively.  The support is fantastic!  The process is easy, you submit a ticket on their website, they schedule a screen-share meeting and walk you through the process to fix your problem.  Great service!
- Greg Miller - PMP


Master Data Centralization (MDC)

Arbela’s Master Data Centralization tool makes it easy to enforce standardization of Customer & Vendor master data across multiple AX companies.
Sandra Kearney - CIO


BI & Analytics

“James M. Pleasants Company has had an excellent working relationship with Brandon George and the Arbela BI & Analytics team. Brandon was able to lead us in determining our exact needs and provided the solution that exceeded all our expectations. He was able to connect with multiple management and sales team members at JMP to answer critical questions and find out how we could best use the data we had in a way that would maximize our efficiencies and ultimately lead to increased sales. I look forward to working with Brandon and the Arbela team again in the future. ”

- Jason Clifton, VP of Sales