Marketing as a Service
We can tailor a marketing service to meet your individual needs.

Marketing as a Service

Whether you have a desire to manage your brand, lead nurturing campaigns and inbound marketing, or gain insights into your marketing conversions and ROI, Arbela has a marketing team ready to assist you.  Arbela's Marketing as a Service (MaaS) offering allows our customers to utilize our digital marketing experts to advance your marketing initiatives and integrate with your sales team to increase leads and conversions.

Email Marketing

Design & manage your email communications with your prospects and customers.

Scoring & Nurture Campaigns

Design and manage your nurture campaigns for your inbound marketing needs.  Score content and interact at the right time.

Social Media

Design, schedule and respond through social media for lead generation, customer service and though leadership.

Website Integration

Integrate your contact forms, landing pages and expose your content through your website, linked and tracked to your marketing tool.

We will tailor a marketing service to meet your individual needs.  Scale up or down at any time.

Email Marketing

Whether you are looking to keep customers informed of new products and services, nurture prospects to opportunities or manage general marketing communications our experts can;

  • Design great looking email templates
  • Determine the best email targets and communication timing
  • Conduct A/B testing of email to maximize conversion rates
  • Assess email statistics and adjust to your customers behavior over time
  • Provide email metric reporting
  • Work with your team to develop content

Nurture Campaigns

We are overloaded with communications on a daily basis, how do you know when is the right time to reach out to a prospect?  When are they most likely to ready to buy?  With over 75% of the research of the buying decision being completed before customers reach out to you, having the right content in the right place at the right time to guide your customer to the sales is critical.  With each interaction with your digital content, our marketing automation tools will score your prospects and slowly nurture the prospect to close.  We will determine at what point should a sales rep reach out vs. offering additional insights or content to gauge your buyer.  Save your sales team the headache of calling on every interaction and digitally qualify your leads before engaging in person.

Our marketing experts work with you to;

  • Determine the content that will drive customers to purchase
  • Setup a nurture campaign which scores and rank customers based on their interactions with
    • Content downloads
    • Website visits
    • Email marketing interactions
    • Forms being filled out
    • Webinar attendance
  • Automate sending information or creating tasks for follow-up
  • Determine exit points for users needing correction
  • Provide analytics on the conversion process

Social Media

Not sure how to get started with social media or know what you want but not how to execute it?  Our experts work in this space everyday, we design campaigns that integrate with your other digital marketing efforts and broadcast them through social media channels.

We assist our customers to;

  • Design a social media calendar of events
  • Identify your goals for social media such as; broadcast information, customer service, brand management, social listening, consumer interactions
  • Identify and target key topics, events and users
  • Develop a personna for each social media platform
  • Integrate social media into your other digital marketing efforts
  • Develop a social media policy
  • Train employees on social media conduct, use and tools

Website Integration

Integrating your forms, digital content and website visitor tracking into your website allows for a more robust digital marketing strategy.  Our experts will design great looking forms, offer up gated content to collect information on prospects and track which pages people are visiting to determine their interest in your products or services.