Arbela Master Data Centralization (MDC)

Reduce Costs and Streamline Processes

Arbela Master Data Centralization (MDC) provides a centralized master data capability for control and the flexibility for the local companies to set and manage the authorized fields of Product, Items, Bill of Material (BoM), Chart of Accounts (COA), Customers, Vendors, Trade Agreements, and Employees master data. Large, multi-company and national corporations with multiple business lines (companies) can benefit significantly from centralized and shared services, streamlined financial, purchasing, vendor, and customer management capabilities.

These benefits include reduced costs in common processes across companies and increase customer service by streamlined processes. Arbela Master Data Centralization Solution series compliments Microsoft Dynamics AX in these areas by providing a Centralized Chart of Accounts and Inventory Management, Products, Customers, Vendors, Trade Agreement, and Employees plus corresponding financial consolidation solutions–all designed for multi-companies with a flexible mixture of centralized and distributed (localized) processes.

Advantages of Arbela Master Data Centralization

  • Faster training and implementation
  • Fully embedded within Dynamics AX and it uses the Dynamics AX data structure and user interface – a seamless add-on
  • Fully supported and maintained by Arbela Technologies
  • Our solution has been used by multiple large public enterprises successfully

Arbela’s Master Data Centralization tool makes it easy to enforce standardization of Customer & Vendor master data across multiple AX companies.
Sandra Kearney - CIO