Corey Bakhtiary

Corey Bakhtiary

Global Director, Programs and Product Management

In his role as the Global Director of Programs and Product Management Corey is responsible for aligning corporate strategy and Arbela offerings to bring to market high-impact solutions through innovation, thought leadership and evangelization. He has a strong background in Microsoft Dynamics, including technical and functional expertise – from installation and environment management, security and audit compliance to business process modelling, change management, training and support.

Corey has been involved in implementing global mission-critical business applications, security and audit solutions for various companies in the oil and gas, professional services, manufacturing and construction industries. Having extensive experience in product lifecycle management, project management and delivery, he possesses a unique perspective that combines strong product expertise with the ability to anticipate clients’ needs.

Corey holds a Bachelor of Science in Computational Science from the University of California San Diego.

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