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Press Release - Arbela Auditing and Security Manager Version 4.0 Released

Arbela Technologies Unveils Latest Version Of Its Leading Microsoft Dynamics AX Auditing Solution

Arbela Auditing and Security Manager 4.0 Reduces Complexity in Auditing and Reporting While Saving Time and Effort Required to Achieve Compliance

Irvine, Calif. —  Arbela Technologies, a consulting services company that works with organizations around the world to digitally transform and grow their businesses using Microsoft technologies, today announced Arbela Auditing and Security Manager (ASM) 4.0, a complete security solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX. The latest version simplifies and automates critical aspects of auditing within Microsoft Dynamics AX, enabling organizations to better mitigate risk and reduce the effort and time required to fulfill various compliance requirements, including audit tracks for system and data access.

Developed by Arbela Technologies’ team of Microsoft Dynamics AX security experts, Arbela ASM 4.0 extends its existing functionality to reduce auditing complexity, costs and time. Arbela ASM 4.0 now includes automated data and access monitoring, new reporting capabilities and enhanced segregation of duties rule creation, detection and mitigation capabilities. Now, organizations can more easily define and implement security controls and monitoring.  ASM 4.0 can automatically monitor Microsoft Dynamics AX environments continuously and proactively, sending real-time alerts when critical information is accessed or data changes occur to streamline auditing and achieve compliance.

“Thanks to our continued partnerships with clients, we further developed our world-class solution to include end-to-end auditing and assurance capabilities,” said Corey Bakhtiary, product manager at Arbela Technologies.  “Arbela ASM has been developed to easily create access and monitoring rules and then apply them all within Dynamics AX – a key requirement for faster and easier auditing and assurance capabilities. Additionally, for faster compliance, we are also offering ‘out of the box’ rules which can be edited, exported and imported for unmatched flexibility.”

New Features Deliver Significant Savings

Arbela ASM 4.0 includes the following new capabilities:

  • Data Monitoring and Reporting – Data monitoring is in real-time within Microsoft Dynamics AX. Data monitoring allows organizations to track changes to sensitive information, an especially useful capability in the instances where preventative controls are not in place to mitigate risk. Arbela ASM 4.0 allows customers to use data monitoring to track changes and unveil and identify potential abuses and fraudulent activities. This capability is dynamic and embedded within Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Access Monitoring and Reporting – Displays who has rights to highly sensitive areas within Microsoft Dynamics AX that can be abused or utilized for fraud. This capability also generates reports on who has access to significant areas within the application, such as monitoring reports around generating payment and/or printing checks. In version 4.0, access monitoring also tracks users attached to active directory groups.
  • Segregation of Duties – The latest version includes more than 140 out-of-the-box segregation of duties (SoD) rules, and also offers a robust workflow that enables more efficient resolution of SoD violations and automates the review and approval process. Every SoD change is logged and tracked, making resolution easier and streamlining reporting on all historical changes. In addition, Version 4.0 introduces a new enhanced SoD report that displays a full list of rules all within one report.

Customers utilizing Arbela ASM 4.0 report the following results:

  • Up to 90 percent reduction in time required to create Segregation of Duty and Data Monitoring rules and violations
  • 70 percent reduction in IT staff involvement with security related issues including reporting and environment management
  • 80 percent reduction in time required to prepare for audits and create reports

Additional Resources

Arbela will be hosting a webinar on August 3rd to review the new features and functions in version 4.0. Organizations can register by clicking here. Additionally, organizations interested in Arbela ASM 4.0 and its new capabilities can contact Arbela for a trial period. More information can be found here.

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