Employee Spotlight

We affectionately call our employees "Arbelans" because everyone shares the same enthusiasm, energy, and passion for helping businesses grow with innovative Microsoft technology. These are just some of the reasons why Arbela was named one of the Best Places to Work. Learn more about Arbelans with these employee spotlight profiles. Why should you work at Arbela?

Tim Harris, VP of Strategy & Solutions

Q: How did you find yourself in the technology arena?
Tim: It started when I was a kid. I got my first programming book in the sixth grade and started programming games on a commodore C64. In High School, I went into a Communications Technology program and did my first consulting co-op placement at 16yrs old. I’ve been working with Microsoft technology ever since.

Q: Of all the partners you could evangelize Microsoft Dynamics for, how did you pick Arbela?
Tim: Arbela always has had a reputation for phenomenal delivery. My strength is through helping companies grow rapidly and expand their technology footprint. Collaboration, openness, and customer excellence were all key elements of Arbela that allowed us to invest and grow quickly.

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Jumi Rho, Director, Client Support Services

Q: Support is a broad word spanning break fix to Customer Care. How do you define support?
Jumi: The word support is unpopular because it is stereotyped as just break fix. At Arbela, customer care ranges from break fix, enhancements, training, services, customizations, managed services and performance tuning. All which customers can engage with as needed regardless of partner status, for post go-live support after an implementation with us, or a fully managed services contract.

Q: Where does your motivation come from for customer care compared to peers who focus on the initial implementation?
Jumi: I was the client before I joined Arbela and I came to join the team that was supporting me. I specifically wanted to get into support. Coming from client side, I knew the pain points the clients were having and I wanted the experience to be better improved for everyone.

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Niels Skjoldager, Director of Strategic Engagement

Q: What is the largest Dynamics AX project you’ve been responsible to implement?
Niels: One that comes to mind is a ~10 billion dollar multinational key card hospitality business. Locations were of serious consideration as was localization and disparate legal entities. This company had complex discreet manufacturing and complex business processes. I was responsible for the US and Mexico implementations.

Q: What are your thoughts for a company entering into a new ERP implementation?
Niels: The key to success is about preparation. Why are we doing this? Why are we hiring these people? Why do we expect this to be successful? Are we investing enough up front? Are we enabling the project to be successful? If projects start to fail, don’t be afraid of going back to the beginning and reevaluating and adjusting to make decisions quickly and efficiently.

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