Assistant Financial Controller and Analyst

Position Title (internal): Assistant Financial Controller and Analyst
Location: Irvine, California`, Other locations will be considered
Team: Shared Services – Finance
Reports To: Chief Financial Officer
Management Of:  Not applicable


Position Overview

The Assistant Financial Controller manages accounting and financial management and reporting activities within Arbela to ensure they are effective and efficient. The Assistant Financial Controller oversees multiple finance-related aspects, including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, financial reporting, payroll, compliance, banking, tax, financial analysis and budgets. The Assistant Financial Controller will report currently to Arbela’s CFO providing input and advice on proper financial controls to support revenue goals and profitability.

Key Responsibilities

1. Oversee Accounting Department Activities

Direct and lead accounting department and personnel to support the organization’s financial oversight and reporting activities. Develop policies and procedures for handling and maintaining information, focusing on reducing risk during financial transactions and report generation through department and organization-wide controls.

2. Improve and Maintain Accounting Processes and Documents

Support reporting and audit activities by maintaining accounting documents such as financial reports and bank statements. Gather and maintains documents related to accounts payable and receivable, assets and liabilities, and financial transactions. If the organization undergoes an audit, prepare and share these documents with auditors.

3. Issue Financial Reports

Periodically create and issue reports on financial activities. This can include monthly, quarterly, and annual reports for management and executives, along with financial statements that are issued to shareholders and taxing authorities. Ensure that reports are timely, accurate, and prepared according to internal and external guidelines.

4. Develop and Monitor Company Budgets

Support organizational financial goals by preparing and monitoring annual and periodic budgets. Examine anticipated revenue and expenditures, along with assets and liabilities, to maintain the organization’s cash flow and ensure it can meet its financial obligations. Monitor budgets versus expenditures for any irregularities and reports these to the CFO.

5. Direct Invoicing and Accounts Payable Activities

Maintain oversight of banking activities by directing invoicing, accounts payable, and accounts receivable activities. This can include directly issuing checks to vendors and suppliers, monitoring outstanding checks and payments, and following up with customers who are late on payments. Reconcile payments with banking and financial data.

Required Qualifications, Experience & Skills
  • Relevant College Degree
  • 5+ Years Experience
  • Excel expertise
  • GAAP knowledge
Additional Qualifications & Skills
  • CPA Preferred
  • Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Supply Chain or Dynamics AX 2012 experience is preferred

To apply, please email your cover letter and resume to