Distribution Solutions and Consulting Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for shipping, logistics, and supply chain integration

If you are in distribution, you know that your business is the beating heart of the supply chain. From inventory management, packing and transportation, and freight forwarding to retail rack jobbing and cross docking, distribution companies have a unique set of business needs at each step.

Why? It’s typically in distribution where many companies attempt to create greater efficiencies, as it is there that they can most often reduce costs and increase throughput without passing expenses on to the downstream supply chain customers, and subsequently to the consumer, or driving upstream expenses in the supply chain from suppliers and vendors.

Distribution presents a seemingly endless list of opportunities for optimization - from sourcing and manufacturing all the way down to delivery to consumers, including warehousing, transportation, storage, packaging, assembly, and a host of other critical supply chain tasks taking place in between.

This is where ArganoArbela comes in.

With deep experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Microsoft solutions, and our custom extensions, ArganoArbela helps transform distribution companies by:

  • Modernizing operations in distribution centers
  • Automating and optimizing systems and processes inside the four walls, as well as in the field
  • Tapping the power of IoT to capture more actionable data
  • De-siloing existing data streams, and uncovering new ones
  • Empowering you with a 24/365, 360-degree view of every step in your supply chain

Solutions for every challenge in distribution

Very few horizontals are as diverse as distribution, partly because nearly every consumer and business good on the planet passes through myriad distribution channels, but primarily because “distribution” is an umbrella term covering a set of varied and distinct tasks. This is also what makes these challenges varied and distinct. In some cases, the challenge is a lack of metrics required to fuel improvements; in others, it is warehouse management related to order tracking or inventory visibility. Still others face challenges in the basics, such as communication and workflows. Our solutions can help you address those challenges:

Need to improve data visibility to collect and act-on the metrics?
ArganoArbela can implement Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and extend it with Data Insights, a BI and analytics application that collects and presents data from every system, service stop, and location in one easy-to-read dashboards.


Need to improve employee productivity and retention?
ArganoArbela can extend Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management with Dynamics 365 Human Resources, which can automate many human resources processes and make services and benefits more understood and accessible by everyone on your team.


Need to protect staff at facilities from external factors such as COVID?
ArganoArbela offers screening solutions for symptoms for people entering any facility, curbside pickup apps to reduce face-to-face interactions, and more. Take the first step in transforming distribution operations to meet today’s challenges, and tomorrow’s, too.


Need more complete forecasting?
Distribution requires constant engagement with the outside world, with myriad factors potentially impacting your business. ArganoArbela offers solutions that roll-in external data, such as weather or location/road closures, to help you more accurately plan and execute.