Microsoft solutions and services for ecommerce

Empowering every business to act on customer engagement

In ecommerce — whether it’s traditional online marketplaces or B2B self-serve portals — it’s all about the customer experience.

Not only do satisfied customers become repeat customers but, if equipped, they will "sell" on your behalf, sending links to others, and directing others to your portals and online storefronts. Satisfied customers can and should be transformed into brand ambassadors.

With our commerce expertise combined with the Microsoft Cloud for Retail and Dynamics 365 Commerce, that kind of transformation — and improvement of critical KPIs like CVR, AOV, and LTV — is built into every ecommerce solution and service we provide.

Whether you’re new to offering ecommerce functionality or on a legacy and/or on-premises retail, commerce, or ERP system, we can help empower you with a custom ecommerce solution and extend its benefits by adding tools such as omnichannel customer service and advanced analytics and more.

Evolving in a disrupted environment

The seismic shift in overall commerce resulting from COVID-19 left many companies reeling, but just as many have been thriving. If you were prepared for a $52B lift in ecommerce and a 195% increase in BOPIS (buy online, pick-up in store), the first year of the pandemic was likely a very good year for your business.

We help sellers and their order fulfillment eco-systems pivot to the new normal with solutions that empower organizations to meet customers where they are, improve and expedite the online shopping experience, and deliver more comprehensive means of capturing, understanding and acting on customer behavior for deeper, actionable customer insights.


Commerce solutionsĀ for B2C andĀ B2B

By tapping the depth and breadth of the Microsoft Cloud for Retail stack for our clients, we improve customer engagement and personalization across all channels and streamline operations to help you exceed customer expectations.

Our solutions include:

For our B2C clients, we can help create seamless omnichannel retail experiences for customers with reduced friction in operations and customer engagement. Chatbot data merged with shopping data merged with call center data — all to ensure optimal use of your team, drive more revenue, and build loyalty with customers.

For our B2B clients, we can help reduce friction in onboarding, creating proactive customer/vendor contact centers and systems, online product configuration and sales proposal automation, and build brand awareness throughout your market and customer-facing ecosystem.

Learn more about recent changes and trends in commerce—and how ArganoArbela can help you embrace and profit from the — via the video link below.