Financial Services Solutions and Consulting

ERP, CRM, BI and analytics for banking, credit unions, capital markets, and insurance

Over the past decade, the financial services industry has undergone massive shifts across all segments.

  • Banks and credit unions: Systems are now gathering data from every customer touchpoint, and banks and credit unions need a new way to provide a superior level of service through single pane of glass.
  • Capital markets: More complex regulations and product types, with lower commissions, along with more control in the hands of outside investors and new modalities such as cryptocurrency, are transforming the capital markets segment practically daily.
  • Insurance: The customer is in control and wants more plans, more providers, and more benefits — all for lower costs.

But many financial services firms have remained tied to internal processes and platforms that inhibit their ability to rapidly adapt to such shifts. E.g., on-premises business applications are the norm and paper-based processes are still prevalent.

Firms that are unable to “meet the customer where they are” with mobile apps, portals, and personalized and predictive offerings are getting left behind.

Firms that have not transformed by using cloud-based solutions for data capture and dissemination, by using AI and machine learning for customer engagement and interactions, and by unifying processes and workflows across all locations and systems are unable to keep up.

Don’t get left behind. Get in front. With leading technologies and experienced teams, ArganoArbela can help your business keep pace with your customers and get ahead of the competition.

  • Banks and credit unions: ArganoArbela can help improve CSAT (customer satisfaction scores), while fueling upsell, cross-sell, and upgrade opportunities across multiple product lines and business units and reducing operating expenditures.
  • Capital markets: ArganoArbela empowers firms to better integrate, control, and document internal processes and workflows, and better manage the customer experience.
  • Insurance: ArganoArbela can equip you with the tools, technology, and tactics that help maximize every customer touchpoint and ensure adherence with ongoing regulatory changes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is just the start

A strategic deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365, tailored to meet the needs of your business and marketplace, is just the start.

With CX Connect, we equip you with an omnichannel customer experience, providing access to information and insights to create deeper customer engagement and drive more revenue.

With Power Platform, we create customized applications and automated processes for your teams, partners, and customers that reduce risk, save time, and drive revenue.

With Azure Synapse Analytics, we can deliver a limitless analytics service that brings together Financial Services data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics. Enjoy the freedom to query data on your terms, using either serverless or dedicated options — at scale in complex transitional data models.

With the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services, we’ll empower you with an end-to-end solution designed for even the most complex control frameworks and regulatory requirements.


Powerful and Connected Customer Experience Reporting

Serving Every Segment in the Financial Services Market

ArganoArbela goes deeper than simply creating and implementing ERP, CRM, modern data estates, business process automation, and other applications. We drill down into segment-specific business outcomes, solutions and services for banking, capital markets, and insurance.

With our team of global consultants, we deliver high-performance solutions that increase revenue, reduce costs, serve your strategy, and are scalable and flexible enough to adapt to seasonal change, expansion, and the next “new normal.” And we provide supporting services to improve customer insight and employee adoption of your solution.

No matter what segment of the financial service market you may be in — and no matter where in the world your business may be or take you — we are here to fuel your digital transformation, create more rewarding customer experiences, and drive more revenue.