Keeping healthcare companies healthy and secure

The heathcare industry is often definied by its complexity related to strict regulations around practices, clients, and prescriptions; supersized security requirements at the local, national, and global levels; and an endless range of processes that vary at the system, facility, department, and even staff level.

“When is healthcare going to catch up?”

This question is not directed at the pioneering medicines or medical devices being developed daily, progressive people populating the field as healthcare practitioners, nor at the facilities where all the preceding comes together. The question is typically directed at the business and operations side of healthcare regarding antiquated financial practice or paper-based, manual processes.

The answer to that question can be this year. Today. Now. Microsoft and partners like ArganoArbela can help you modernize and optimize healthcare operations, and not just in theory. In fact, leading market research firm Frost & Sullivan states that “Microsoft is well positioned to be a leading solution for hospitals and health systems looking to address their secure messaging, communication and clinical collaboration needs.” It also named Microsoft as the “undisputed leader” in AI (artificial intelligence) platforms for healthcare.

As a Gold-certified Microsoft partner, ArganoArbela is serving healthcare companies like yours with a suite of ERP, CRM, productivity and security solutions and services simply called Arbela Health - enabling organizations to focus on their core business.

An end-to-end business solution for the modern healthcare company

Built on the Microsoft stack (Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, Dynamics, Power Platform), ArganoArbela's end-to-end solution helps address the business and operating concerns of the modern health care company:

  • Regulations: Compliance in both strategy and operations planning is growing increasingly complex
  • Consumerization: Price transparency is increasing, and organizations need to find new ways to succeed in the value-based care landscape
  • Client / patient-centered care: Personalized care is on the rise, and it means both having client data at your fingertips and keeping that data secure
  • Mergers and acquisitions: As more companies emerge, more companies merge, without the proper technology, M&A processes related to systems integration can sometimes take years
  • Virtual care/telemedicine push: VR (virtual reality) tools and systems are required to enable more complete care, delivered remotely
  • Big data and analytics: Healthcare data is spread across the “infoverse” and requires new tools, such as AI and machine learning, to capture and disseminate that data, and to act on it

Challenging times require intelligent solutions

Healthcare CEOs are asking questions like, “What will we do if the ACA is repealed or expanded?” CFOs are assessing issues such as determining how rising drug prices may impact health systems, and if health systems and professionals are equipped for price transparency. COOs are focused on compliance, recruiting the right talent, and keeping costs manageable.

Providers, meanwhile, are looking for tools to assist in the “new normal” with maintaining safety (thermal temperature checks) and enforcing good hygiene (tools to track handwashing). Administrators seek increased data interoperability between different EHR platforms and healthcare systems, e.g., for ensuring accurate record-keeping if a person relocates or changes providers before a second COVID-19 vaccination.

All of this as clients are taking a more proactive and informed role in their health, and their insurance. This is a huge challenge, but we can help.

Transforming healthcare starts here

ArganoArbela and Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare improve the client experience by allowing clients to interact with their healthcare team directly and providing a 360-degree view of their care plan. ArganoArbela enables faster care decisions without needing to search numerous, disparate sources and documents. As a cloud-based solution it reduces the total cost of ownership and helps create an enriched client experience.

ArganoArbela can connect your company to Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, which offers features and processes to fuel client engagement, further team collaboration, and improve insights derived from both clinical and operational data. The result? Increased efficiencies in service, security, and compliance.

We help build customized client experiences that deliver personalized care to clients of individual providers and healthcare systems alike. The solution protects PHI data by leveraging FHIR. We can increase systems interoperability and data collection and analysis, moving organizations from antiquated on-premises platforms to Microsoft Dynamics and Azure, and building comprehensive client profiles that enable more complete, cost-effective care.

We are here to help transform the operational side of your healthcare organization. You focus on providing care for your clients, and we will dedicate ourselves to optimizing your practice.

Helping you achieve the Quintuple Aim

  1. Improving client outcomes
  2. Improving client experience of care
  3. Lowering healthcare costs
  4. Increasing healthcare workforce satisfaction
  5. Elevating client engagement and improving the experience of care