Life Science

Ensure compliance, optimize the supply chain, and automate your business securely

If you are a life science professional, chances are finance and operations needs are not your primary focus. But as a life science project evolves into a life science product and then into a life science business, these needs must be addressed. Finance and operations (such as supply chain management, human resources, etc.) are not the only challenge, but merging these needs with ensuring compliance with the FDA or other industry-specific regulations, your growing therapeutics, medical device, or biotech company can get stopped in its tracks. Rather than investing your energy into vaccine development, personalized medicine, or innovations that can literally change the world, your focus is split between supply chain, regulatory issues, system controls, expense management, safety infrastructure, etc.

Meeting you on your path to commercialization ‚Äč

Leave your concerns and complexities to the experts at Argano. No matter where you may be on your path to commercialization, about to launch your first product or your tenth, Argano has the technology expertise and life science industry experience to optimize every move you make on that path. From Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployments and migrations, simplifying and automating regulatory and compliance tasks to business intelligence tools to empower you with a 360-degree view of your customers and market, Argano will help improve business platforms, processes and practices for life science companies — from concept to commercialization.

Identifying and exceeding KPIs

Prior to any project, Argano will work with you to define and understand your strategic objectives, delineate and scope tactical support, and outline milestones for achieving the KPIs that help accomplish your objectives. We use the renowned and widely accepted APQC benchmarking practices, ensuring you are aligned with similar businesses in your industry.

What is your priority?

  • If driving more revenue is your goal, Argano can focus on improving the customer experience (and sales/field service integration) to drive more revenue, getting products to market more quickly
  • If reducing costs is at the heart of your strategy, we will focus on automation, supply chain optimizations, or other tactics that decrease operating costs and help meet your KPIs
  • If mitigating risk is your primary driver, we can create a solid compliance framework enabling enhanced auditing, advanced reporting functionality, and improved control of sensitive data

Compliance, customer service and costs

Built on Microsoft Dynamics, Argano offers solutions that provide:

  • Product traceability
  • Clinical trial cost management
  • In-house or contract manufacturing
  • Lot, batch, serial, and container tracking
  • Restricted sales and expense management
  • Best-of-breed solution development
  • Item creation and change and approval
  • 21 CFR Part 11 or other FDA validation requirements
  • Third-party logistics integration
  • Approved vendor, customer, and manufacturer lists
  • Advanced quality control disposition codes
  • Security roles and restrictions

In as little as a few months, we will equip you with a solution to better capture and act on the data required to automate business processes, drive more revenue, reduce expenses, optimize recruiting and talent development. We will provide you with a complete view of your business and your customers, and empower you to launch new devices, drugs, products, and services with more speed and efficiency.

Early-stage trial management

Argano enables you to track your trials, budgets, expenses, sales, and marketing costs. Utilizing project management within Microsoft Dynamics 365, tracking costs is simple. Segment your financial costs for more in-depth reporting and control your budget versus actuals. Integration with procurement enables policy-driven workflow approvals for all purchases — directly posted against a project.


Inventory control and quality compliance

In a heavily regulated environment, lot and serial traceability is critical. Argano enables you to track from source material through manufacturing and distribution leveraging radio frequency identification (RFID) and near field communication (NFC), to locate, and report on, items by barcode, serial number, and more. Whether you are manufacturing in-house or outsourcing, quality control is paramount. From quality tests, quality orders, and non-conformance reporting, we have you covered. We can help you maintain FDA (GxP) validation standards. From fulfillment and integration with 3PL and full EDI capabilities to FDA validation, Argano readies you for commercializing your products.

Security and compliance for when you go public

Argano Audit and Security Manager supports Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) 404 compliance around segregation of duties (SoD) as well as financial SOX compliance. Control security access and data integrity across your organization with pre-packaged with reports to support your year-end audits.



Successful mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions have historically shaped the life sciences industry into what it is now and continues to shape the future of the industry. Your company may have to change its way of thinking to create more value in the market, drive more revenue, create new technology, and disrupt the competitive landscape — all while trying to maintain systems to manage your operations. Want more information right now? View a recent webinar, Leveraging Technology to Drive Successful Life Science M&As in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond.


Third-party validation: a best practice we always practice

Our life sciences customers leave nothing to chance, and neither do we. Through a third-party, we ensure FDA validation is built into our methodologies. Concerned about FDA requirements around internal platforms and processes - those attached to the development and design of a pharmaceutical - in the delivery and distribution of your finished product? We have the people and partners to ensure absolute adherence to FDA demands.

Differentiate with virtual reality and IoT

As a life sciences company, how do you think about safely providing education, training, and field service on your technology to your customers? With virtual reality (VR) and Internet of Things (IoT) tools and systems you can provide both a safer environment and connect with more customers and patients.

Technology is not only making leaps and bounds in making improving our health via artificial limbs and implants, but by now allowing companies to deploy new technology in a safe environment virtual environment. With Argano, you have a technology partner with an unwavering focus on your strategy and an innovative implementation, migration or optimization plan unique to your mission and market.