Driving Innovation while Reducing Time to Market 

Driving Innovation while Reducing Time to Market 

Life science companies maneuver a highly competitive market that is challenged with complex processes and strict regulatory requirements. Time-to-market is critical in order to meet changing customer demands. Whether your business operates in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, biotechnology or medical devices, it requires the right technology framework that drives agility, compliance, and growth.

Arbela Health solutions enable companies to build a foundation for success with technology that supports the entire life science journey – from research and development to commercial manufacturing. Our solutions combined with deep industry expertise provide life science organizations with the tools to successfully manage finance, distribution, production, quality management, and more – all while maintaining compliance and adhering to FDA/GxP validation requirements.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics, Arbela Health offers:

- Product traceability                          - Clinical trial cost management                 - In-house or contract manufacturing

- Lot, batch, serial, and                       - Restricted sales and expense                  - Best-of-breed solution
  container tracking                               management                                                development

- Item creation and change                - 21 CFR Part 11 or other FDA                    - 3rd party logistics integration
  approval                                                Validation requirements

- Approved vendor, customer,          - Documented business processes            - Adherence to Good Manufacturing
  and manufacturer lists                       standard operations procedures

- Advanced quality control                - Security roles and restrictions
  disposition codes