ERP and CRM solutions designed to fit your business

Manufacturing is not a one-size-fits all industry. Industries such as technology, aerospace, industrial products, life sciences, and building materials have vastly different requirements.

With decades of experience serving manufacturing companies across the globe, ArganoArbela has the expertise required to build, deploy, and support a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution customized to fit both your immediate tactical needs and your long-term business goals. From the start of the supply chain, mixed mode manufacturing, and managing inventory and fleets, to invoicing and accounting, e-commerce, account-based selling, and customer service, we will ensure every piece of your manufacturing business is supported by the right tools, technology, and industry-proven experts.

Not sure where to begin? Let’s start with a Manufacturing Maturity Assessment. Every journey starts with knowing the maturity level your manufacturing operations and understanding how your business compares to others in your industry. Through this assessment, we will work with you to evaluate how you can digitally transform your manufacturing operations.

Data-driven manufacturing solutions

We start by digging deep into the data and processes that drive your business before recommending a Microsoft Dynamics solution.

Before we recommend specific features and functions, we first discuss your overarching business goals. Then we uncover and integrate the data that will empower you to have a more complete view of your business, your customers, and your competitive landscape. It’s your data that drives your deployment.

Mixed mode manufacturing

Manufacturing modes are often considered the secret sauce of most organizations. ArganoArbela is well-versed in all types of manufacturing: engineer-to-order, build/make-to-order, make-to-stock, etc. It is rarely just one process requiring attention; most enterprise organizations have a variety of manufacturing operations in place.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management a true mixed mode manufacturing model can be implemented.

  • If your organization is embracing Lean manufacturing, we can implement Lean production flows and Kanban management where it’s right for your operations
  • If you have multiple production outputs, process manufacturing and co-products can help
  • If your products are large and complex, work breakdown structures project manufacturing is the way to go

No matter how complex your manufacturing challenges, ArganoArbela can help you implement the right solution.

Differentiate through servitization

Further your digital transformation and embrace servitization, which can help lead to longer lasting customer relationships and increased revenue streams. Customers will look to your company to provide an outcome, rather than simply a product.

An example of servitization in manufacturing could be selling statistical information from IoT sensors on your devices back to the consumer. Some manufacturers are adding IoT sensors to their products to collect real-time feedback about performance, enabling predictive maintenance.

With ArganoArbela’s team of solution experts, trainers, and organizational change managers, we can help you spot opportunities for servitization and act on those opportunities to drive revenue and reduce costs - and to do the same for your customers, driving-longer lasting relationships.

Extending and optimizing your solution

With extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365, we continue to help you optimize workflows and the ability to capture data and act on business intelligence.

Whether it’s using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to better understand external factors and how they may affect demand planning, or keeping your employees safe through our COVID-19 solutions, we are here to provide actionable data to improve operations across the enterprise. 

With our Rapid Deployments for Microsoft Dynamics 365, we are all about making the biggest impact to your bottom line as fast as possible.

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