Dynamics 365 for High-Tech Manufacturing

With today’s ever-changing financial and environmental regulations, shrinking product life cycles, and global sourcing challenges, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations helps you gain visibility across the entire value chain, empowering you to make more efficient and timely decisions.

Arbela’s implementation processes reduce time and risk so you can rapidly build an adaptive business network, seize new revenue streams, and respond to changing market conditions regardless of your company’s size. Automate and streamline business processes including:

  • Product development and configuration management
  • Traceability & RoHS compliance (Reduction of Hazardous waste)
  • Contract and offshore manufacturing and integration
  • Multi-national financial and inventory management
  • Supply chain planning and execution

Complex Supply Chain & Multi-National Manufacturing

Our high-tech manufactures typically have complex supply chains and often reply on manufacturing overseas. They require the ability to manage multiple locations, deal with local regulatory compliance, and rely on strong forecasting to deliver your products on time with the highest quality and with the least amount of cost. 

Advanced Planning and Schedule

Priorities change and you need to understand the impact to the rest of your production. With Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, you can gain quick insights into your production schedule from a scheduling dashboard. For example:

  • What product orders are starting late
  • The reason behind raw material shortages which prevent the completion of a production order
  • Quickly prioritize critical orders and move them to the front of the queue
  • Send message to the shop floor and communicate changes
  • Graphically visualize resource loads and determine your best scheduling / rescheduling options

Regulatory & Quality Management

Most high-tech companies adhere to ISO standards, such as ISO 9000 quality management standards and ISO 14000 environmental management standards, for greater acceptance in the international market. High-tech companies that are publicly traded or those planning to go public or are acquired by public companies also need to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).

For high-tech companies and suppliers, the ultimate goal is to manufacture high-quality and reliable products. To achieve this goal, they must address many quality-related challenges, including:

  • High Costs: Manufacturers with multiple facilities and employees in different locations may find it cheaper initially to maintain separate quality systems, but the inefficiency of paper-based or hybrid systems that are not connected can cost a lot in terms of man hours. Having visibility into quality of products assist with overall company quality standards.
  • Inefficient Systems: For companies using a paper-based quality system, the change control process can be long and cumbersome, requiring face-to-face meetings to discuss changes and obtain approval and signatures. Any rejected change means even more meetings. With Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations your quality tests, quality reports and non-conformances are managed in a central unified system

Engineering Change Management

Managing your engineering change orders and knowing exactly what the impact across your company is, will save you countless hours. Dynamics 365 for Operations allows complete visibility into answering the following questions:

  • What BOM's are using that part?
  • Which production orders need to be stopped which contain that part?
  • How much inventory do I have on-hand with that part?
  • What customers have been sold that part?

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