High Tech

Scalable solutions for your high tech business

The enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) needs of a high tech manufacturing company are often as complex and exacting as the products a high tech company produces. The production of electronics, robotics, integrated circuit boards and other intricate products requires the highest level of detail to ensure every decision made keeps the supply chain and the production lines running as smoothly as possible.

To ensure healthy margins on every product built, there’s no margin for error. Which is why many high tech companies - as they digitally transform their ways of doing business - are turning away from niche business applications and looking for robust, scalable solutions that can grow as the business evolves.

Not sure where to begin? Let’s start with a Manufacturing Maturity Assessment. We can help you create a roadmap to manage your processes and data, improve customer experience, determine supply chain optimization, and capitalize on IoT. The maturity assessment allows you to see where your organization fits within industry best practices and determine a strategy for next steps.

A proven partner for strategic growth

There is no more proven, more reliable, cloud-based ERP and CRM platform than Microsoft Dynamics 365. With ArganoArbela as your implementation partner, you can rest assured that the platform will be configured and extended to meet both your exact operational needs and your overarching strategic goals. We have extensive experience in implementing and optimizing Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM solutions in high-tech manufacturing.

From helping optimize high-volume production to drive more revenue and automating key financial workflows to improve throughput, to ensuring regulatory compliance and minimizing risk, no one knows high-tech business apps like ArganoArbela. It's not just internal processes and platforms where we can help fuel transformation. With deep experience in field service and IoT, we can optimize how you maintain and service facilities and equipment. With expertise in customer engagement and service, we can help you better understand and support your customers - all to accelerate your business.

Helping high-tech manufacturers pivot in changing times

In today's volatile business environment it is of critical importance to be able to pivot and quickly adapt to changing demands and requirements. For most high tech manufacturing companies, this is nothing new, as they must consistently adapt to ever-changing financial and environmental regulations, shrinking product life cycles, and global sourcing challenges.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is central in ensuring rapid adaptation to changing times, empowering a business to move from reactivity to proactivity, delivering visibility across the entire value chain, and empowering businesses to make faster, better decisions.

Creating a resilient supply chain for multi-national manufacturing

Most high tech manufacturing companies like yours have complex supply chains and often rely on manufacturing overseas, with the ability to manage multiple locations, deal with local regulatory compliance, and rely on strong forecasting to deliver your products on time with the highest quality and with the least amount of cost.

Microsoft Dynamics can simplify the oversight of multiple locations, and, leveraging Microsoft Power Platform, ArganoArbela can help improve how you capture and respond to the data that drives your business - whether it’s coming from a factory floor, a distribution channel, or the consumer.

Ensuring regulatory compliance and quality management

Most high-tech companies adhere to quality management standards such as the ISO standards, financial regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, and environmental regulations such as RoHS. In high tech, being out of compliance won’t just derail a production order; it can shut your doors entirely.

With built-in capabilities and dashboards to automate compliance-relevant data collection that help provide oversight and create reports, Microsoft Dynamics 365 ensures your business is in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Are you ready to improve operations, streamline financial reporting, and uncover new revenue streams? We can help with scalable deployment of Dynamics 365 for high-tech manufacturing.

Optimize planning and scheduling

Priorities change quickly and you need to understand the impact to the rest of your production. With Dynamics 365 Supply Chain, you quickly gain insights into your production schedule from a scheduling dashboard enabling you to:

  • ‚ÄčImmediately identify product orders that may be starting late
  • Proactively spot raw material shortages, which could prevent the completion of an order
  • Quickly prioritize critical orders and move them to the front of the queue
  • Easily share critical data with stakeholders and communicate changes to the shop floor
  • Graphically visualize resource loads and determine the best scheduling options