Industrial Products

Improving productivity with business integration and automation

Industrial products and supply companies keep the world’s business moving, and ArganoArbela business solutions and services that keep industrial products companies growing. From acquisition of raw materials and inventory management to distribution and sales, we offer scalable, customizable solutions that grow with your business. We can help you create a more resilient supply chain, build agile factories, and unlock innovation to deliver enhanced products and engage with customers in new ways. 

Not sure where to begin? Let’s start with a Manufacturing Maturity Assessment. We can help you create a roadmap to manage your processes and data, improve customer experience, determine supply chain optimization, and capitalize on IoT. The maturity assessment allows you to see where your organization fits within industry best practices and determine a strategy for next steps.

Technology solutions that grow with your business

Business technology is rarely one-size-fits all, and just as rarely “one and done.” You need a solution designed to support your unique strategy, a solution that can expand to accommodate evolving needs and market demands. We can help you implement a solution that is more than just a feature set. We offer deep industry expertise and best practices to ensure that you have a platform for growth, enabling you to:

The next-generation industrial manufacturer: Transforming into a digital business

Improve demand planning and forecasting
Our solutions integrate advanced analytics capabilities through machine learning to provide insights into the trending of your products and product mixes. Knowing when to taper off products, sell excess stock and increase production to satisfy demand allows you to better plan and execute your supply chain. We can configure your Dynamics solutions based on internal and external data to help you plan more accurately and timely.

Enhance operational planning and efficiency
Dynamics 365 allows you to get notified when jobs are deviating from schedule, enabling your production managers to reschedule and prioritize production orders quickly and efficiently. With Dynamics 365 you can forecast raw material shortages that may impact your production schedule, so you to pivot quickly and make adjustments.

Optimize cut list and raw materials inventory
Optimizing raw material inventory to reduce waste and increase profitability is critical. We work with you to implement capabilities that ensure an optimal cut list and planning. From configure-to-order products and integration with CNC (computer numerical control) machines to streamlining processes, Dynamics 365 automates your entire shop floor.

Ensure regulatory compliance with traceability
Lot, serial traceability and ability to see the entire manufacturing and supply history of each part is a requirement to ensure compliance. With Dynamics 365 you can track and report any serialized or lot-controlled product, providing complete visibility into your product lifecycle. You have insight into what products were shipped to which customers, are currently in production, in inventory, and what products are ready to be shipped. We also offer Engineering Change Management capabilities to request, approve, and track changes made to product information, Bills of Materials, Routes, and more. This allows you to stay on top of item versioning to ensure consistency in your product management process.

Streamline configure-to-order, make-to-order, and project-based manufacturing
Customers are demanding ever shorter turnaround times. We can help you optimize configure to order and shipping with the right level of sub-assembly planning, built-in product configurator to streamline order taking, reducing errors of creating manual BOMs – all to help you meet your timeframes and stay ahead of the competition.

Maximize uptime and gain overall equipment effectiveness insights
Leverage advanced asset management capabilities to track and schedule preventative, proactive maintenance, connect IoT sensors to track information about availability and throughput, and gain insight into your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) KPIs.

Enhance sales, manufacturing and product insights
What if you knew the right configurations of products for each market, including the efficiency and output of manufacturing lines and specific resources? ArganoArbela's Data Insights, an advanced BI and analytics solutions, visualizes all of your Dynamics 365 data, allowing you to dissect and report by geographic region, customer attributes, product variants and more — giving you insights into what is selling and what is stalling, with the ability to forecast these trends and adjust your inventory accordingly.

Real-time data driving actionable insights

Choosing ArganoArbela to implement a comprehensive software solution for your industrial products and supply business means choosing a partner who understands your business needs as well as your technology needs - a partner who knows that your success is reliant on the internal and external data that drives your business.

Whether you are focusing on scheduling and capacity management, intelligent asset management, supply chain controls, OSHA incident and safety tracking, or anything in between, we’ll ensure you have the data and the technology to better address them - all to help you make better, faster decisions that accelerate your business. 

From Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to automate and improve distribution and inventory management, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance to optimize accounting processes, to Dynamics 365 Sales to drive more revenue, ArganoArbela will create a custom solution that gets you where you want to go as a business.

With extended solutions for data visualization and workflow management, as well as COVID-19 solutions, we help you pivot in challenging times and fuel the digital transformation of your business.