Media and Entertainment

Manage consumer demand and automate your digital supply chain

Microsoft technology and solutions help enable media and entertainment companies streamline and automate manually intensive processes in the digital supply chain. These deployments span the film, broadcast and music industries, all of which share common challenges arising from the explosion of digital media demands.

We create solutions specifically tailored for the media and entertainment industry, directly addressing business management issues faced by film studios, music publishers, broadcasters, and advertising agencies. With an integrated and automated system in place, media companies can react faster and smarter to ever-changing consumer demands. 

Digitizing content in the industry

Many organizations in the industry are relying on cloud providers to manage their storage needs, and the ability to quickly scale up and down processing capacity when producing content to dramatically reduce costs. Digitizing content in a flexible and secure manner is more important than ever as audiences consume media on multiple devices - smartphones, tablets, connected TVs, virtual reality devices, just to name a few.

Quickly and securely deliver the right content at the right time with the capability to also capture intelligent consumer insights about your audience. Learn more about Azure Media Services.

Comprehensive solutions and services that transform your entire business

You need a holistic approach in order to build the right solution for your business. It’s not only about connecting devices and products, or applying advanced analytics to what you do today. To truly unlock new business value, you need to connect equipment, analyze data, visualize information and integrate people and processes to make decisions in a productive way. With this level of connectivity and insight, your equipment and products become a higher value of digital services that is predictive, proactive and personalized.

ArganoArbela provides many different business strategy and consulting services across the digital transformation journey to explore, including: