Food and Beverage

Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions tailored and implemented to meet your strategic goals

For food and beverage manufacturers and distributors to do their job of keeping the world fed and refreshed, they require business tools and services to streamline operations, optimize the supply chain, and automate business processes. ArganoArbela's job is empowering food and beverage companies with those business tools and services: Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions (Finance, Supply Chain Management), Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions (Sales, Customer Service, Field Service), and extended business technologies to keep companies growing and moving.

From acquisition of bulk product and strict quality controls to distribution and sales, no one supports you like ArganoArbela and Microsoft.

Don’t settle for anything less than the gold standard: Microsoft Business Solutions integrated with existing technologies, scalable to suit future and global needs, and customizable to your strategic goals.

From managing demand and safety regulations to enhancing customer service - we can help

The food and beverage industry comprises a wide range of wildly different businesses, each with specific business needs and strategic goals. In most cases, a strictly out-of-the-box solution doesn’t always get the job done. ArganoArbela creates a custom fit to help address every business challenge you may face: food safety requirements, ingredient sourcing and tracing, inventory tracking, revenue forecasting, HR regulations, and more.

Whether it’s a platform for your accounting needs (Dynamics 365 Finance), supply chain (Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management), or customer engagement (Dynamics 365 Customer insights and Dynamics 365 Marketing), we have the technology expertise and industry experience to ensure you excel. 

It doesn’t stop there - we can help you maximize your solution to:

  • Embrace IoT capabilities
  • Improve business intelligence
  • Create curbside pickup apps
  • Improve employee safety
  • Leverage custom applications

Whatever your business challenge is, we can help you solve it.

Enhanced sourcing and quality control

Optimizing raw material inventory to reduce waste and increase profitability is critical in the food and beverage industry. ArganoArbela provides technology and services to improve sourcing and quality, including:

  • IoT sensors to keep track of trailer temperatures and humidity of inbound product
  • Blockchain and Smart Contracts for visibility throughout the entire supply chain
  • Artificial intelligence to spot quality issues on the processing line and send to scrap
  • Business intelligence insights into vendor performance for quality and delivery
  • Power Apps for inbound truck inspection and product grading to determine allocation across production needs
  • Integrations with LMS and QMS systems for best of breed quality tracking
  • Commodity pricing features to accommodate for market fluctuation in sales prices

Connected business fueled by real-time data

Choosing ArganoArbela to implement a comprehensive software solution for your food and beverage business means choosing a partner who understands the industry and the technology, a partner who can discover, capture, analyze, and deliver the internal and external data that supports your strategic growth.

Whether your concerns are scheduling and capacity management, intelligent asset management, supply chain controls, OSHA incident and safety tracking, or anything in between, we’ll ensure you have the data to better understand them, and the technology to better address them.

Microsoft Ecosystem supports Food and Beverage processes

Ensuring traceability and recall requirements

Traceability is critical. In the event of a recall, knowing what is where must be immediate and immediately actionable. Every Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management solution delivered by ArganoArbela supports tracking and reporting of any serialized or lot-controlled product, giving complete visibility into your product lifecycle.

Our solution includes Engineering Change Management functionality to request, approve, and track changes made to product information, formulas, routes, and other details. This allows you to stay on top of item versioning and ensures consistency of the product management process.

You can determine:

  • What products have shipped and to which customers or consumers
  • What products are in the manufacturing process
  • What products are in your inventory
  • What products are about to be shipped
  • What products are nearing an expiration date

Turning data into actionable insights

What if you knew the right configurations of products for each market, including the efficiency and output of manufacturing lines and specific resources, along with what products are selling in what markets with which features or options?

Data Insights answers these questions and much more. By providing insights into your business for finance, manufacturing, sales, procurement, WMS, and project modules, our BI solution visualizes all of your Dynamics 365 data. It allows you to slice and dice your data by geographic region, customer segmentation, product variants and more — giving you actionable insights into what is selling, what is tapering off, and to accurately forecast against these trends.

Intelligent process manufacturing

The food and beverage industry needs to quickly pivot based on consumer demand, requiring both the data and the means of responding to that data to be immediately at hand. With ArganoArbela and Microsoft, process manufacturers in food and beverage can collect the granular data required to make rapid changes:

  • Co-product and by-product production – more than just finished goods
  • Yield tracking – how much really comes out of production
  • Ingredient balancing – using ratios and percentages to determine how much of different materials to use
  • Batch attributes – track quality results against batches and drive how batches are consumed in production and sold to customers

Optimize demand planning and advanced forecasting
Advanced analytics through machine learning can provide insights into the trending of your products and product mixes. Knowing when to taper products off, when to sell off excess stock, and which products are on the rise can allow you to properly plan and execute your supply chain. ArganoArbela can empower you with the right data modeling algorithms to match your scenarios and give you a leg up on the competition. We can extend these insights outside your enterprise as well, with commodity price forecasting to help you determine the right time to accept vendor offers.

Improve operational planning and efficiency
Gain greater visibility into supply chain and production planning. Get notified when jobs are deviating from schedule and allow your production managers to reschedule and prioritize production orders quickly and efficiently. In addition, with ArganoArbela’s solution, you can forecast raw material shortages that will impact your schedule production schedule.

Maximize uptime and gain overall equipment effectiveness insights
Leverage advanced Asset Management capabilities to track and schedule preventative, proactive maintenance, connect IoT sensors to track information about availability and throughput, and gain insight into your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) KPIs.

Enhance mobility in the warehouse and in production
Food and beverage products are continually in transit. Visiting customers at restaurants, warehouses, and other facilities, food and beverage distribution professionals are continually in transit as well - making mobile solutions an absolute necessity. From purchase receiving to sales picking, we provide mobile solutions for updating inventory in real time. Mobile capabilities extend to production, with shop floor production interfaces for time, input, and output tracking, as well as the ability to request maintenance directly from a terminal on a production line. We address the needs of automated warehouses with a framework for the integration of material handling equipment.

Thriving in the “new normal”

The global pandemic revealed how important it is to be able to pivot and make rapid adjustments. Food and beverage frontline companies, such as restaurants, quickly turned to curbside delivery to keep business moving and concurrently worked to improve their online presence. Some establishments rolled in protective measures, such as screening stations at the entrance, to better protect customers and staff.

At ArganoArbela, we responded with a screening application and curbside pickup app, but with a focus on the needs of food and beverage distributors and manufacturers to:

  • Conduct screenings to monitor symptoms
  • Collect the data required to comply with health regulations
  • Provide contactless pickups/drop-offs
  • Ensure business continuity

Ready to improve your processes? We can help you.