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6 brilliant ways CEOs drive success with business intelligence solutions

How can you transform your business data into connected insight? Learn 6 ways CEOs use business intelligence (BI) solutions to meet their goals, boost profitability and drive success.

With digital solutions such as Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Arbela Data Insights (ADI), you can gather and analyze key information, then use advanced analytics and machine learning to proactively find opportunities for growth. Once you know exactly where to focus your efforts, resources and budget, you can navigate your business to the next level.

So how does business intelligence transform business performance? Sophisticated BI technologies will help you:

1. Optimize your operations

In order to achieve maximum efficiency, you need full visibility into every detail of your operations. BI can help you become more cost-effective by gathering a wide variety of data and displaying it in real-time. You’ll gain insight into the intricacies that affect your bottom line and your ability to achieve your mission.

Solutions such as ADI and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations don’t just connect your data – they also include analytics and machine learning to help you understand trends, seek out opportunities, and identify issues before they become a barrier to profitability.

2. Engage customers

“Today your organization needs insight into the marketplace and your customers to create personalized, contextual interactions across all channels, in turn promoting customer loyalty.” – from The Savvy Leader’s Guide to Real-Time Insights.

Modern consumers expect a personalized experience that aligns the knowledge and services they’re seeking—in minutes, not days. With Dynamics 365 and ADI, you can provide value in every interaction by using dashboards to track information customer relationship history, online services requests, and even outside sources like social media.

Combine these visuals with data analytics to automatically customize the information you send to each customer, anticipate their needs, and improve customer satisfaction.

3. Transform products

Business success fundamentally relies on offering more value to your customers than your competitors.

By tracking purchase patterns, seasonal changes, and other information about your products in real time, you can improve your offerings to give customers exactly what they need, when they need it. The machine learning and artificial intelligence components of ADI and Dynamics 365 F&O can further analyze this data to augment your ability to deliver amazing value.

4. Empower employees

“Using artificial intelligence isn’t about replacing human skills—it’s about amplifying human ingenuity with intelligent tools that surface actionable insights.” – from The Savvy Leader’s Guide to Real-Time Insights.

Embedded predictive insights can help highlight important data such as transactional patterns. Arbela Data Insights works together with solutions such as Dynamics 365 to track and illuminate business trends and help you make better decisions. Stay ahead of the competition and boost your employee performance by learning where and how to focus your resources.

5. Better forecasting

Consistently providing value to customers also means having inventory and resources when needed – but also not wasting money and space on excess items. Modern ERP solutions like Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations include intelligent demand forecasting abilities so you can optimize inventory and minimize costs.

6. Strategic planning

“Making data from all areas of your business readily accessible is just the first step to unlocking business intelligence across your organization. To take your organization to the next level, you need connected data, business analytics, and guidance on how best to use them.” – from The Savvy Leader’s Guide to Real-Time Insights.

Business intelligence isn’t just about graphs and dashboards – it’s a comprehensive set of tools embedded throughout your organization in order to help you and your workforce succeed. BI can transform your organization by giving you the actionable insights you need for timely, meaningful decision-making. Gather and use data from every part of your business to build customer loyalty, become more efficient, and improve your products and services.

To learn more about using BI to boost your success, check out The Savvy Leader’s Guide to Real-Time Insights and find out how Arbela Data Insights might help your organization.