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7 creative ways to wow your customers

How can your business stand out and wow customers? Buyers these days are savvy, well-informed, and independent. Building trust and loyalty matters more than ever.

By leveraging modern technology and making strategic use of business intelligence within your organization, you can build ways of interacting that will impress prospects, increase ongoing customer satisfaction, and help your brand outshine the competition.

1. Connect with prospects through social selling

Cloud-based CRM applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) can integrate with tools such as the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, so you can connect with your customers on social networks to build relationships and enable social selling. This not only builds trust, it allows you to find the right person in the company who has the authority to buy your product.

Don’t just interact randomly - use business intelligence to track interactions with prospects. This allows you to set targets for connecting and makes it easier for your sales team to work together.

2. Give buyers targeted information

Buyers today want to do their own research and expect to be educated rather than sold to. They want to be given information, not a sales pitch. Use business intelligence built into applications such as Dynamics 365 CE (CRM) to deliver the right content at the right time to the right customers. Measure what content is doing well, and use that information to continuously hone the facts you provide so they’re the most helpful for the customer.

3. Anticipate customers’ needs

Using advanced analytics tools and tracking, you can figure out which customers need what product. Offering customers exactly what they need is a great way to build loyalty – you’re offering them a valuable product while shortening their research process.

4. Provide a great product

Providing amazing products is at the heart of business success and happy customers. How can you be sure you’re selling the best of the best, or figure out how to continue improving your products? Use business intelligence and CRM to know which of your products are performing best, then tweak them so they’re even better.

5. Transition seamlessly from sales to customer service

With an integrated platform, all of your information will automatically be transferred throughout your ERP and business management systems. This means that, by the time a prospect becomes a customer, you can use all the data you’ve gathered from them to personalize their continuing customer service experience and help them feel valued.

6. Stay connected on the go and in the field

In order to provide a great customer experience, your team needs to be on the same page no matter where they are working. With cloud-based CRM, everyone can have access to real-time, mobile-friendly dashboards. A mobile-friendly system will make it easy to share information between colleagues so each of your sales people and customer service reps can provide personalized service.

7. Provide rapid, effective customer service

Use CRM to track customer histories so you know what issues they have, and quickly send that information to the right people to find a solution. Rapid solutions mean fantastic customer service – and who doesn’t love that?

Ready to wow your customers?

Purchasing a new CRM solution or adding new tools to your kit isn’t the only step towards change – you also need to implement, integrate, and encourage user adoption among your team members. If you’d like to learn more about our strategic methodology for adopting new CRM tools and techniques, check out our QuickStart for Dynamics 365 CE (CRM).