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ArganoArbela is now open sourcing AOT Browser on GitHub

By Khalid Mohammed and Caleb Blanchard, Technical Delivery and Solutions at Arbela Technologies


We’re excited to announce that we are open sourcing AOT Browser on GitHub under MIT License! This includes the source code, projects and build systems. Our goal is to elevate our partnership with the technical community -- encouraging fresh perspectives and increased participation from the developer community.

If any developers would like to know how different parts of the AOT Browser work, easily integrate into your own application, or contribute directly to something that can be shipped along with Arbela’s AOT Browser, they will be able to do that.

Getting involved with AOT Browser is simple. The project is “clone-and-go” and development will follow the standard GitHub flow. There are many ways for developers at all stages to contribute:

  • Participate in discussions
  • Report or fix issues
  • Suggest new features
  • Prototype new features
  • Design and build together with our engineers

We will go through all the usual testing, compliance, security, quality processes before we add it to the application. You can learn more about this in our documentation on GitHub, the AOT Browser Project on GitHub, or download the information sheet. You can also contact us at