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CRM and your energy business: Reporting from the field

Technology innovations are completely changing field operations in the energy sector. What specific tools have emerged and how are energy businesses using them? Is your field service center ready to keep up with evolving industry expectations and standards?

Game-changing technology for energy companies

Artificial intelligence, IoT devices and networks, and task automation are transforming field service management for the energy industry. A modern solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is embedded with your ERP and CRM systems so your data and processes are fully integrated and your people can work and collaborate from any location and device.

With these advancements, your equipment can send a warning notification before a malfunction occurs, or immediately after. AI-based scheduling systems can automatically schedule and dispatch technicians, then trigger automatic invoicing. Workers and customers have real-time access to technician locations, inventory availability, work order status and more. Customers love the flexibility to submit queries or requests on their preferred channel whether that is phone, email, online or text.

How can your business implement tools such as these to realize gains in efficiency, reduce equipment downtime, and free up time to focus more directly on customer satisfaction?

Improve data collection, analysis and business intelligence

Ensure your business management tools and various technologies gather data using a common language, then make that data freely accessible and usable for decision-makers and workers in your organization. When properly implemented and leveraged, business intelligence (BI) allows for greater efficiency in every detail of your organization.

BI also makes it possible to anticipate and proactively respond to market changes, equipment lifecycles, and customer expectations. This is especially true when your BI is integrated with your ERP, CRM and field service management systems. Integrated systems and effective data collection allow AI and machine learning models to effectively automate and guide daily operations.

Connect your devices

IoT networks are at the center of the revolution that’s changing field service operations for the better. Connectivity allows for remote diagnostics, better data collection, better first-time fix rates, and reduced device downtime. This all translates to saving a lot of money while providing better service and ensuring happier customers.

Sooner or later, every device is going to be connected. Start building customer loyalty and stay ahead of the competition by building your network of IoT devices now, so you don’t get caught in the rush later on.

Adopt a cutting-edge field service management solution

In the big picture, your data and devices should work in tandem with a powerful, centralized field service management solution. An advanced FSM system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service includes real-time inventory and resource tracking, mobile access, scheduling tools with the option of AI-powered automation, customized IoT alerts, automated invoice generation, and easy integrations with your other business management solutions and apps. Additionally, when deployed as a cloud-based solution, you also get automatic upgrades so your business always has the latest technology and enhancements without additional IT support.

Want to transform your field service operations?

Arbela Technologies is a global consulting firm with extensive experience transforming and empowering field service operations. Our experts are dedicated to providing innovative and impactful solutions to help your business achieve its goals. Contact us today to speak with an expert about Dynamics 365 and how it can benefit your organization.