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Customer experience maturity model - Part II - Organizational culture

By Tim Harris, VP of Strategy & Solutions at Arbela Technologies

In part one of our Customer Maturity Model webinar series, we gave an overview of level 5 and reviewed the 6 categorical rankings in the maturity model. In part two of the customer experience maturity model, we will dive deeper into the organizational culture change component of the maturity model. It is important to review the 5 levels of maturity and where most organizations fit in -- keep in mind that 36% of organizations are not even at a level 1 of maturity!

The organizational culture plays as critical a role as the technology used to manage the customer experience. Without the proper focus, buy-in across the organization and leadership from the top most customer experience projects tend to be siloed and don’t full fill the customer experience across all channels. Those who are able to achieve a level 4-5 level of maturity have wide adoption and an organization where the customer experience and satisfaction is part of their core DNA. This leads to a predictable and strong customer experience no matter where and how the customer interacts with your brand.

In part two of this webinar series, we will focus on what organizational change means as it related to customer experience maturity and some practical guidelines and steps you can take to move your organizational maturity up the ladder. We will also examine some of the core traits that customers can expect from these organizations, and the importance of empowering employees and engaging customers. We hope to see you at the webinar!

Customer Experience Maturity Model Webinar Series: Organizational Culture
Presenter: Tim Harris, VP of Strategy & Solutions
Date: Thursday, May 11, 2017
Time: 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET
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