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Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement - Quote error - Record is unavailable

By Arbela Technologies

A new issue reared its head in the past few weeks that affect the quote form. 

The issue occurs when you create a new quote and set an account in the Potential customer field. In order for the error to occur, the customer quick view form must be active, and a Business Process Flow must be active. When a new quote is created, and the customer is set, the error will trigger. When the user clicks OK, the Quickview form will appear to be editable, however, saving the record and refreshing the page will cause the customer data to be pulled in the quick view form as it should.  

Once the record is saved, the error will not repeat. There do not seem to be any negative effects from the error outside of user perception.  

The error log that you can download references a BPF GUID that is not present in CRM. Microsoft has indicated that this is a known issue that has been fixed but not yet released. According to a Microsoft rep, “it seems that this issue is a known bug. The bug has already been fixed and this fix is set to deploy in an upcoming update rather soon. There is no current workaround that can be used until this issue is resolved, other than disabling the quick view form until the update is released. “ 

Despite this, there are two temporary workarounds for this issue:  

  1. Remove the quick view form and/or 

  1. Disable the Business Process Flow. 

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