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How to add long labels to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

By James O'Connor, CRM Senior Consultant, Arbela Technologies

On occasion, you may need to add longer label names to a field. CRM offers the ability to hover over a field label to show a description, but this is not often obvious. Using Business Rules, we can add longer labels to a field. No development is required for these labels, we will use a multiline text field with the appropriate properties and a business rule for each extended label needed. 

Label Field Creation

First, create the appropriate field with the following properties, all other values should remain to their default value.

  • Data Type = Single Line of Text
  • Format = Text Area
  • Maximum Length = (as needed)

Once the field has been created and placed on the Form set the following Properties on the field.

  • Display Tab
    • Display Label on Form = not checked (no label is necessary as our label description will act as the label
    • Field is Read-Only = checked, remove the ability to edit this field
  • Formatting Tab
    • Number of Rows = Set rows to display all label text

Business Rule

  • A Business Rule will be created for each long label needed, the rule is basic, looking for a null value and applying a default value if true as shown below.


The Condition Operator = Does not contain data.

The Action will be Set Field Property with a Type = Value

Value Field

For value field there is no dependency, any field type can be used and placed appropriately on the form.