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How to enable your sales organization with Dynamics 365 for customer engagement

By Bob Blaisdell, Senior Business Development Manager, Arbela Technologies

Every organization is in a different position on their digital transformation journey. For some, having a functional ERP system is an accomplishment. For organizations looking to truly differentiate themselves from the competition, creating a great employee and customer experience is a must.

One great way to leverage technology to support the strategy of creating a great employee and customer experience is by enabling your sales organization with CRM technology to support their process and track interactions with your customers in a central repository. There are many risk factors that can create a barrier to entry for organizations including cost, change management, and time. Arbela has figured out a way to mitigate those risks.

Arbela’s QuickStart offering has been designed to provide a comprehensive sales force automation solution built on Dynamics 365 for Sales and configured for your business. This is offered at a low, fixed investment, but the best part is that your sales users will be live in 30 days and be able to access the new technology solution from a web browser, Outlook, or a mobile device.

One of the ways that we are able to offer such a comprehensive solution so quickly and affordably is because of the Arbela Accelerator. We can leverage hundreds of hours of configurations and customizations that those who have come before have requested and Arbela has packaged those requests to make available to any organization at a fraction of the cost.

Some key features of Arbela’s Accelerator which is included in Arbela’s QuickStart offering include, but are not limited to:

  • Partner/ Vendor Relationship Management - Enhanced Connections Management to manage associated competitors, partners, vendors and other related contacts to track requests, activities, invoicing, etc. The system can also automatically create connections based on predefined criteria.
  • Enhanced Duplicate Detection and Merging – Fully automate your ability to ensure clean data with functionality that is user friendly and intuitive. Create new, update, or merge existing records.
  • Automatic Opportunity Naming – Configurable based on customer naming conventions
  • Automatic Numbering - Configurable based on customer numbering conventions for many record types
  • Enhanced Outlook Contact Synchronization – Menu to mass select which contacts do and don’t synchronize with Outlook.
  • Time Entry/ Tracking – Allow employees to track time in a simply and user friendly interface.
  • Revenue Tracking and Sales Forecasting – Capture and track all data necessary for estimated, booked and actual revenue in order to formulate analysis, forecasting and planning for both sales and production.
  • Dynamic Process Automation – Do you have multiple divisions, sales processes, branching, or account types. This solution will automatically adjust forms and process flows based on user, account type, and/ or opportunity type.

If you have any questions or interest in building the foundation to your organization’s CRM strategy, please contact us for more information. We are also hosting an upcoming webinar How to Get Started with Dynamics 365 for Sales in 30 Days or Less on Wednesday, August 28th at 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST.