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How to prepare for a Dynamics 365 upgrade project

By Nima Bakhtiary, President & CEO of Arbela Technologies

There are a lot of Dynamics AX 2012 R2/R3 systems that need to be upgraded to Dynamics 365 Unified Operations (Finance and Operations). However, the decision to upgrade and how to do it is not an easy one. Most companies don’t have the appetite for the old “water fall” and expensive model to upgrade their system. We can break down the complexity between the following areas:

A. Are you happy with AX 2012 processes and your master data?
B. Or do you wish to drop customization, clean and standardize your master data and processes?

Contact us and ask how we can reduce your risks using our tools and capabilities below:

a. Project alignment by Arbela Strategic assessment – Quick surveys to understand the key issues across the organization and linking them to the project deliverables –- so everyone can be on the same page for seamless decision making.

b. Know what it takes: Resource requirements and the roles and responsibilities of the project – this way we can see the type of resources that are needed.

c. Find out how quickly you can get it done Timeline development using the Arbela Agile model. We can assess when the resources are needed so you can plan ahead and deliver the project in a more predictable and quicker model.

d. Ease the data migration challenges Learn how we can upgrade your data or part of it to minimize the risks. Leverage our tools and proven methodologies for faster data migration, data upgrade, code upgrade. You can do a quick data upgrade from AX 2012 R3 or R2 -- so CRPs can be run using the client data to reduce the data migration cost.

e. Automate your AX 2012 environment management leverage Arbela’s tools for your AX 2012 environment management (free up your resources for upgrade) – we have a lot of tools and capabilities that can reduce the overall cost.

f. Leverage Arbela’s business process list to document your processes and accelerate the analyze stage Use our business process development and unique use of ADO so you don’t have to invest and create them from scratch.

g. Leverage our expertise of master data control and management — we can help develop your long term strategy.

h. If you have integration challenges, we have solved them. Leverage our integration framework development and training – a key enabler – by using the latest MS tools.

i. Leverage our add-on solutions at significant cost reduction Arbela Security and Audit Manager, One Step Consolidation and Master Data Centralization – key capabilities to ease global deployment. Leverage ADI for AX 2012 now, then use it for D365 upgrade for testing and validation during CRP, and during the D365 deployment phase.

Questions? We have answers. Contact us and find out how we can help with your Dynamics 365 upgrade project.

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