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How to upgrade the Dynamics 365 Field Service solution from 7.x to 8.x

By Skylar Macromallis, CRM Consultant, Arbela Technologies

Field Service version 8.3.x has been released as of December 2018 for Dynamics 365 9.x environments. Newly provisioned instances will already be on 8.x and are only available in this version.

Notable Enhancements

Performance improvements


Field Service v. 8.x is a landmark update in that it is only available in Unified Interface, demonstrating Microsoft’s commitment to the Unified Interface roadmap. Once the 8.x update has been applied, Field Service entities will not be available in the classic interface. Adding them to the sitemap in a classic module will throw script errors and render them inaccessible. As a best practice, always ensure that your instance has been backed up before proceeding with an upgrade.

How to Upgrade

Your organization will have to opt-in to this upgrade, as it will not be automatically pushed out. This is Microsoft’s way of easing the transition of Unified Interface to give organizations time to test and prepare for the move to Unified Interface. In the meantime, until Microsoft indicates otherwise, organizations can continue to run the 7.x version of Field Service in the classic interface.

Before upgrading, you will have to sign up for the Dynamics 365 Insider Program, a free program for Partners, Customers, ISV’s, and Microsoft Employees to test and provide feedback.

To join and access the upgrade:

  1. Go to the Dynamics Insider Portal
  2. After logging in with your Microsoft or organization account, click Apply Now
  3. Fill out the application and agree to Microsoft’s terms
  4. Once your application has been approved, from the Insider Home Page, search for Dynamics 365 for Field Service Unified Interface Release
  5. Follow the program’s link and opt to Join Now
  6. From the program page, access the link provided to sign up Signup Link to opt-in for the Field Service UCI Release
  7. Fill out the questionnaire and provide the URL of the instance that you are upgrading. If you are upgrading a sandbox and not production, be sure to provide the link to the sandbox!
  8. Once Microsoft has received the details provided, the solution will be available in the Office 365 Admin Center > Dynamics 365 Admin Center > Updates, and you can schedule the update accordingly. Note that this update will only be available for the instance URL that you provided the Insider Program. If you have multiple instances on the same tenant, you will have to follow these steps to opt-in for the other environment as well.

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