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Microsoft Ignite / Envision 2017 - Day 1 summary

By Tim Harris, VP of Strategy & Solutions, Arbela Technologies

Day 1 contained a lot of great information from Microsoft. This is a quick summary. You can also follow real-time updates on my Twitter page.

  1. LinkedIn, o365 and Dynamics Integration enhanced through the Microsoft Graph. More info here.
  2. Azure Machine Learning Workbench enhances experimentation and model management capabilities. Includes support for Jupyter notebooks, VS Code Tools. Get 2 free licenses with your MSDN Azure Subscription. More info here.
  3. AI is infused with everything turning productivity apps, business apps into intelligent applications. Microsoft's investments in AI/ML/Data are huge and few can compete. Meeting with our Build-With Team at Microsoft was a great meeting. I feel the power and weight behind us as a partner like never before. It's going to be a great year!
  4. Microsoft Teams will eventually replace Skype for Business to encourage better collaboration with-in your enterprise. Teams is the go-to for all collaboration - strong integration with all other products. More info here.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service roadmap will focus on three key areas;

a) Earn customer loyalty
b) Empower Agents
c) Stay Agile through Analytical Insights

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