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New in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement v9.0: Session timeout

By Skylar Shonblom, CRM Functional Consultant, Arbela Technologies

With the GDPR deadline approaching and the emphasis on Cloud, there have been improvements made to Dynamics 365’s cloud security.  One such feature is the addition of new session and inactivity timeouts.  By default, Dynamics 365 has automatically set a user session timeout at 24 hours-- at 24 hours, the user is logged out of the system.  With the 9.0 update, administrators can now modify this behavior to suit business needs. 

To access this feature, administrators will go to Settings > Administration > System Settings > General tab > Set session timeout

Note that you can also specify a time for a warning message before the timeout has elapsed.

Below the Session Timeout setting, we also have a new Inactivity Timeout that is disabled by default:

When configured, this will automatically logout users after a period of inactivity.

These settings will only apply to the current instance-- if your organization has multiple instances, they must be changed within each one.  These settings are also not enforced in Outlook or mobile. 

Further details on these new features are documented here: