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New multi-select option set in Dynamics CRM (Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement) Version 9

By Scott Soulages, Sr. CRM Functional Consultant, Arbela Technologies

The multi-select option set in CRM version 9 is easy to implement and brings functionality to the table that has existed in for years. In a nutshell, the new field is configured the same way as previous Option Sets and can be configured as global or local. The Data Type just needs to be set to Multi-Select Option Set.


User Experience:

When a user points the mouse at the field, the mouseover shows the selected values.

When a user clicks inside the field, it allows them to type a value. The system checks to see if that value exists. If not, it tells the user that no matching entries are found.

If there are matching values, the system presents them as soon as a match is found using intelligence.

When a user clicks the box next to the desired selection, the system adds that value to the list and shows all selected items in a row. Users can then click the 'x' next to each item they want to remove from the selection.

If users don't want to type the words, or don't know what the options are, they can select the chevron and see the entire list.

If users wish to, they can de-select items from this view and the collection of selected items will be updated immediately.

After the user has completed the selection of values, their selection will appear on the form as a semi-colon separated list.


In order to return results from your new field, you first need to add it to the quick find view.

After publishing changes, users will be able to search for any of the selected values in the Multi-Select Option Set. They just need to remember that the wild card does not work for Multi-Select Option Sets. In our example above, when I search for *apple, no results are returned. When I search for apple or Apple, the results are returned.  

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