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Previewing the new power platform admin center

By Skylar Shonblom, CRM Consultant, Arbela Technologies

The familiar Dynamics 365 Administration Center is getting an overhaul.

Changes have been coming to Dynamics 365 for some time now. If you haven’t already heard, Dynamics 365 is now part of the Microsoft Power Platform, whose capabilities are built directly on and utilize Azure cloud services.

As a part of this restructuring, administrators will soon be utilizing the new admin center, which unifies management of PowerApps, Flow, and Dynamics 365.

From here, Microsoft support tickets can be quickly created, environments accessed, data loss prevention policies set and, critically, analytics for Power Platform apps viewed.


Analytics for the Power platform includes reports for the past 28 days for the Common Data Service, Microsoft Flow, and Power Apps.

From here you can use user metrics to…

Track user adoption:

Quickly view system jobs and plugin performance without having to go into specific Dynamics 365 instances:

Monitor API calls:

And even view storage utilization:

What’s next?

Links to the other admin centers, including the original Dynamics 365 Administration Center, are also accessible from the admin sidebar.

The Power Platform Admin Center is now available in preview mode but is not yet officially supported. As such, functionality is restricted and should not be used to manage production instances. Managing instances for resets, copies, and restores should still be done through the Dynamics 365 Administration Center. This functionality is on the roadmap for a future release, as is the ability to spin up environments from the new Power platform admin center.

In the meantime, if you’re on Dynamics 365 9.0 Online and are a system administrator, take a peek!