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Right now is the right time

by Kim Tallman, Director Strategic Engagement at Arbela Technologies

It is uncomfortable. It is insensitive. Nobody wants to say it, but it is nevertheless true. Slow times are the best time to start on that project. We tell our friends and family the same thing: start that new ‘thing’ while you are at home. You have always wanted to try X, Y or Z. Take up drawing, try that new recipe or start your new Vlog. The same can apply to businesses – start that new ‘thing’. The ‘thing’ could be a system upgrade, replace those spreadsheets with PowerApps or Power BI, move from on-premise hardware to the cloud, or implement other software packages. Any or all of these ‘things’ are technology tools that will drive towards long term company goals.

Start that new project.

But why you ask? With so much uncertainty, is it really the right time to start a project NOW? The answer is a resounding YES.

Key resources who don’t typically have time to dedicate to a project have the time now

The time factor is a common roadblock during projects. Key stakeholders who try to juggle project tasks and their regular workload often end up pushing the less-important projects tasks to the back burner. Although companies may try to backfill roles to help alleviate this, those individuals that are backfilling still need ramp-up time which can create project delays.

Reduce risk for other projects to take precedence

Just when things get going during an implementation, new and more important objectives can show up. This could be a multitude of objectives, or ‘things’: new spikes in supply chain causing the business to pivot priorities, which takes the focus away from the current software project. Or landing a new large contract which expands the current product lines and shifts focus to the immediate need. These risks are reduced during a slow period as there is a lower probability for the immediate objective to become a higher priority.

It is work that people can do remotely/working from home

While working remotely can be challenging, people want to be involved and productive to show their value. Utilizing tools like Microsoft’s Crisis Communication App for remote check ins, sending notifications and news feeds out without them getting buried in emails are just a few strategies. Implementing a simple PowerApp like the Crisis Communication App will begin to open minds to the art of the possible. Other tools like Microsoft Teams also allow for video conferences, whiteboarding, and real-time collaboration, which can be leveraged for not only daily business, but also for company initiatives like a software implementation.

Provides sense of stability in uncertain times

Investment in projects for the long-term company goals provides a sense of stability and longevity for the employees. This can help alleviate stress in the unknowns of what the company is planning in the future.

Leverage current offerings

Providers that want to keep you going is what equates to aggressive offers that may not otherwise be on the table, financing options, deferred payments, licensing and more.

It’s time to start that new ‘thing’ for your company. The ‘thing’ you keep putting off because you don’t have time or resources to invest in it. Whether it be a personal activity like drawing or cooking, or a company goal such as replacing systems that belong in the software graveyard or passing around spreadsheets for analytics. Figure out what that ‘thing’ is for your company, start the conversation, identify your company goals, and let us help you define the strategic approach leveraging the tools to get there. Right now is the right time!