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SSRS reports label issue – AX 2012

Error: Reports don’t display labels. Instead, they display "Labels!@SYS7869"

SSRS Report

Labels don’t work in a couple of conditions:

  1. Label language is not set.
  2. BC Proxy account is not same as Reporting service account or “Password in Reporting service account is outdated. Please try to retype it”.
    • The SSRS Service Account password could be invalid.
  3. Partition Key isn’t set correctly

In our case, 1& 2 were wrong. So:

  1. Add language in user options.
  2. BC Proxy account was different from Service account. I created a new BC Proxy account in active directory and assigned the same.

Where to look for accounts?

BC Proxy account – System Administration > Setup > system service accounts

Reporting service account – Report configuration manager

For more details about this issue, contact us.

Written by: Khalid Mohammed • Sr. Technical Consultant • Arbela Technologies