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The alignment between applications and business systems has never been greater - Business forward with Microsoft

 By Tim Harris, VP of Strategy & Solutions at Arbela Technologies

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, we are starting to see the alignment between productivity applications such as Outlook and Business Systems such as Dynamics 365 combined with Social Platforms like LinkedIn.

The contextual awareness of operational data in our productivity applications and gaining insights from systems such as LinkedIn breathe new life into stale ERP and CRM processes.  Context and 360-degree views are a huge part of the future and what our customers are starting to expect out of their deployments.Microsoft Outlook

I would encourage each of you to take some time in the coming weeks to watch the “Business Forward” event Microsoft put on to gain some insights on how it is making this possible.  It’s pre-recorded so you can watch anytime by clicking here.  Our Solution Architecture Leadership Team (SALT) team at Arbela is working through each of these new technologies while determining the best fit and “realistic” capabilities as it applies to our customers achieving their ambitions and removing their pain points.

One example lately is the integration of operational data within Outlook.  An example below shows that when I receive an email from someone, I can see their open cases, work orders, late orders etc.

Microsoft CDS Graph

In addition, the combined Microsoft Graph starts to demonstrate the integrated nature of these three areas and we can start to see the alignment and utility of platform.

Move your business forward with Microsoft and the unlimited amount of applications you are able to sync within programs. Not only does your organization become more streamlined and organized, but it also gives the ability to keep up with your business metrics and analytics in a much more productive way.

Learn more by clicking here.