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Why investing in Azure-based BI solution makes sense for your Dynamics AX on-prem environment

Scenario 1:

Your business has been running on AX 2009/AX 2012 (AX), that you have been hosting in-house, for a period of years and it is currently meeting transactional requirements. You’re aware of all of the chatter about D365 for Operations (D365FO) and moving to the Cloud, but you’re not ready to pull the trigger on upgrading AX.

Does this sound like your organization? If it does, you are not alone. There are hundreds of in-house AX instances in the Microsoft ecosystem. After all, the implementation of AX on in-house servers was the standard model until the most recent version, D365FO.

Scenario 2:

You’ve heard about the advantages of having a BI solution, but you’re concerned about making additional technology and capital investments to your in-house AX solution because you realize that it will all be technically obsolete one day.

Again, does this sound like you? If it does, we get it. Investing in additional servers, infrastructure and licensing to add a BI solution to your in-house ERP footprint feels like installing a new transmission on a car with 500,000 miles.

So, is there anything that your organization can do to gain the competitive advantages of a BI Solution without wasting the investments to your current in-house systems?

Well, as you might have guessed, Arbela has the answer.

Arbela Data Insights (ADI) is an Azure cloud-based BI and Data Analytics solution that integrates with your current in-house AX solution. ADI provides the following advantages:

  •  It is a complete, mature, Azure cloud-based BI solution that is ready to be integrated to your in-house AX system
  •  ADI provides powerful insights to your data across these AX business areas:

                o Sales & Marketing

                o Customer Experience

                o Procurement

                o Inventory & Planning

                o Manufacturing and Production

                o Projects & Professional Services

                o Field Services

  •  ADI can also import data from your non-AX systems as well – providing true enterprise-wide insights into your organization’s data
  •  ADI can be implemented in weeks, providing powerful KPI’s and Reports to your data in minimal time
  •  Since ADI is Microsoft Azure cloud-based, you will be able to:

 o Gain the competitive advantage of a BI Solution without needing to make additional capital investments to your current infrastructure

 o Avoid the need to increase your Disaster Recovery Plan footprint by adding additional database backups and recovery procedures

o Rely on the billions of dollars that Microsoft invests into Azure security to protect your data and business assets

o No longer worry about your BI Solution becoming obsolete when you decide it’s time to upgrade to D365FO

     - Ponder that for a moment – when you go live on D365FO, Arbela will just point ADI to your D365FO Azure-based instance

     - All historical transactions will already be stored in ADI

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we created one for you:

As you can see, Arbela’s ADI is the right investment to accelerate your organization’s BI journey today and will still be there when you upgrade to D365FO.

Speaking of upgrading to D365FO – don’t get me started on how implementing ADI will simplify your upgrade path. We will leave that to another blog article…. 

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