A 300% efficiency increase 

How a 3PL provider in healthcare reinvented its supply chain with                   

Dynamics 365 and ArganoArbela

Client: DCS (Direct Customer Solutions, formerly R&S Solutions)
Industry: Distribution

DCS (Direct Customer Solutions, formerly R&S Solutions) plays an integral part of the healthcare industry’s supply chain, serving as a 3PL partner providing cost-effective logistic services to pharmaceutical companies and related healthcare businesses. Its services include traditional logistics to warehousing chains, wholesalers, and distributors or direct to retail, hospitals, and clinic, read our full client story here.

“This ERP will last the life of this facility. It’s cloud-based, so we’ll always be updated… ArganoArbela worked side-by-side with our team during and after go-live to ensure success, Additionally, I can now get more from my team. Instead of deploying them for tech maintenance, I can re-task them to serve the broader needs of the business.”                               
- William Wells, VP of IT Infrastructure at DCS