Getting started with AI Builder in Microsoft Power Platform

A free eBook walks you through AI Builder in Microsoft Power Platform, showing you how to create AI models that do everything from invoice processing to text recognition to form data extraction and more.

Learn how to create AI models—with NO CODING

An ArganoArbela engineer has created an easy-to-follow tutorial that developers of any level of experience can use to create AI models using AI Builder in Microsoft Power Platform.

With step-by-step instructions, this FREE eBook — How to Leverage AI in Power Platform — will:

  • Empower you with all you need to get started creating AI models to solve critical business challenges
  • Explain the differences and benefits of Custom vs Prebuilt models
  • Show you how to access and use features including:
    • Build - where you can create and start using AI models
    • Models - where your shared and created models reside
    • Document Automation – where you can extract and interpret data from documents to automate your workflow
  • Detail templates for invoice processing, sentimental analysis, text recognition, prediction, and more

Simply enter your information to access.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions around Power platform or AI Builder. We are always happy to share our expertise!

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