Patient engagement in a pandemic: The technology to leverage, and how

A recorded webinar on tools and technology healthcare organizations — from the largest healthcare systems to senior care to smaller practices — are now using to empower patients, further patient satisfaction, and streamline operations.

It’s time to put patient-centered care front-and-center, and this webinar shows you exactly how to get started.

No matter what size your organization may be, and no matter whether you’re in a primary practice, acute care, long-term care, or rehabilitation space, you’ll find easily actionable takeaways in this webinar lead by the healthcare industry technology experts at ArganoArbela.

This webinar also includes a demonstration of the Microsoft technology some of the most progressive organizations in healthcare are currently using to put the patient in charge, and to create massive leaps in patient engagement, in the accurate collection and analysis of patient information, and much more.

Enter your information and enjoy.

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