Using AI to capture and integrate patient information in the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

Enjoy a free tutorial how you can use AI to capture information on an insurance card, create a coverage record to store that information, and tie it all back to a patient record. Loaded with screen shots and easy-to-follow instructions.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare includes new features, functionality, and information that can be leveraged to better help health organizations in treating or caring for patients, processing analytical data to predict the outcomes or certain ailments, streamlining some of the processes regarding care plans and care coordination, and much more.

HOWEVER… many of the processes surrounding the healthcare industry are still being handled with paper and require manual input to get into a system like Dynamics 365.

BUT… with the combination of Power Automate and the AI Builder, located in Power Automate, ArganoArbela can help streamline some of this manual input and create automation to get that data into the system.

Download a free tutorial PDF loaded with screenshots and detailed instructions on how to build and deploy an AI model to capture and disseminate critical patient information using Microsoft Healthcare Data Model.

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