How to Improve Your Omnichannel Customer Experience

Learn how to increase your CX scores through balance: people, process and technology.

As global conditions shift and market conditions tighten, those who provide superior CX to customers, employees and partners will outperform their competition. 

During this webinar recording you will discover how to break down communication silos and learn best practices from industry leaders who will discuss the benefits of bringing balance to your CX strategy by providing personalized, proactive, and predictive interactions through the Argano CX Connect Data Model, Microsoft Digital Contact Center Foundation with advanced Nuance AI Platform Biometrics & Automation to delight your constituents every time, from anywhere, via any device and channel.

View this webinar recording to learn:

  • How Omnichannel interactions can increase CSAT by providing the right information at the right time across any channel, anytime
  • How AI, BOTs, Self-Service, Knowledge Management and Inquiry Type Segmentation can drive OpEx reductions and increase revenue
  • How Argano, Microsoft and Nuance can drive balance through a people, process and technology foundation


Sundar Raghavan
VP, Microsoft Intelligent Business Apps

Kevin Hollland

Director, CE & Strategy

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