How to personalize the customer experience using Microsoft’s new Interactive Voice Response

Join a live webinar on a new offering from Microsoft that can empower your customer service platform with “interactive voice response.” Speed and improve call handling, and benefit from seamless CRM integration.

Change every customer service call for the better! Save time, reduce costs, and delight callers using “interactive voice response” technology.

An exciting new technology from Microsoft can immediately change how you handle customer service calls. Interactive Voice Response can help:

  • Handle and distribute incoming calls, and even MAKE outbound calls
  • Provide real-time sentiment analysis to help representatives navigate difficult calls
  • Provide real-time transcription and translation, and offer actionable suggestions to reps and callers

Join ArganoArbela and Microsoft on Wednesday, February 16th @ 10 am Pacific.

You’ll learn how using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can create a consistent experience across all channels, create more fruitful customer journeys, and provider more immediately actionable insights.

Event DateWednesday, Feb 16th, 2022 @10:00am (Pacific Time)

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