Reimagining Customer Service for Financial Services: How to create a great experience at every touchpoint

Forrester, Microsoft, 2-10, and ArganoArbela discuss customer experience challenges in the financial services market and more in a new, live webinar.

The first and most critical investment financial service customers make is in you, their service provider. Their ROI extends beyond how you manage their money and into how you manage the relationship.

Are your customers empowered? Are they engaged? Do you have — and can you act on — every bit of customer data needed to create personalized and rewarding experiences? Forrester, Microsoft, 2-10, and Dynamics Gold Partner ArganoArbela discuss these challenges and more in a new, live webinar focused solely on the customer experience in the financial services market.


Kate Leggett
Vice President and Principal Analyst
Forrester Research

Jacqui Adams-Crockett
Vice President

Sasha Sanyal
Global Insurance Leader

Lu Azhari
Principal Program Manager
Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services

Greg Moser
Vice President, Dynamics 365 Client Engagement


Event DateTuesday, May 17th, 2022 @10:30am (Pacific Time)

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