The shift to B2B e-commerce: Trends and best practices

E-commerce is bringing huge benefits to B2B industries – both for customers and sellers. In fact, by 2023, B2B e-commerce is expected to reach $1.8 trillion, more than double the size of “traditional” B2C e-commerce. 

So, how is B2B different from B2C? What are B2B customer expectations? And how can you get your B2B customers to actually use your new digital sales channels? 

In this session we will discuss: 

  • Current trends in B2B e-commerce
  • Why today's B2B buyers prefer to purchase online
  • Earning internal buy-in from stakeholders and sales teams
  • Incentivizing customers to purchase online
  • Driving adoption with intelligent marketing and hyper-focused campaigns


Tim Harris
Chief Strategy Officer
Arbela Technologies


Richard Lee
Digital Marketing Manager and Product Evangelist