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40% Discount on Migrating Licenses to Dynamics 365 is Ending Soon

By Stacie Broadway, Senior Customer Success Manager, Arbela Technologies

As of November 1, 2019, the 40% discount to migrate your Microsoft Dynamics AX licenses to Dynamics 365 (D365) Finance and Operations online subscription licenses will be discontinued. If you are considering moving to D365 Finance and Operations (FO) in the future, let Arbela help you take advantage of the significant cost savings on the transition to D365 subscription licenses. Here is what you need to know.

Who qualifies for the discount?

  • Clients that are current on their Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP) Agreements for Microsoft Dynamics AX2009 or AX2012
  • The BREP is your software assurance plan giving you access to service packs, bug fixes, hotfixes, etc.
  • The BREP Agreement is normally paid yearly and is 16% of your paid list price for your Dynamics AX instance

What if I’m not ready to upgrade?

  • Once you transition your licenses, you will have 18 months to complete your upgrade to D365
  • During those 18 months, you will have dual use rights. Meaning that during that 18 months you are still running your AX2009 or AX2012 system, as usual, while you test and implement D365
  • Arbela will help you build the business case on the cost savings and benefits available if you take advantage of the 40% discount vs upgrading later

What is the term of the subscription?

If you choose to go with a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) such as Arbela, you will have an option to sign up for a 3-year CSP Agreement for your D365 transition licenses.

  • The agreement will be valid for 3 years from the date of purchase
  • After the 3-year term is complete, the licenses will revert to list price on your CSP
  • D365 FO will require a minimum of 20 licenses on a CSP

You may also choose to go with a Large Account Reseller (LAR) on an Enterprise Agreement (EA).* The LAR’s agreement terms may vary, but usually is a minimum of 3 years as well.

*An EA generally requires a minimum of 250 licenses.

How do I get started?

Contact Arbela Technologies for the following analysis services:

  • License Transition Mapping
  • Security Analysis of current licenses vs D365 licenses prior to the transition
  • Complimentary Technical Upgrade assessment
  • Determine best subscription agreement option for you i.e. EA vs CSP