Are You Using Power BI the Way It Was Intended?

In 3 days, we will work side by side with you and show you how to use Power BI the way it was meant to be used.

Tired of dabbling in Power BI?  Want to learn how to use it in an organized and secure way? Want to learn how to use it so that it makes a real difference instead of just having a few scattered dashboards? Arbela’s Power BI workshop is designed to do exactly that.  In 3 days, we will work side by side with you and show you how to use Power BI the way it was meant to be used:

  • Identify the highest priority business areas to get started
  • Understand the data your business users need to make better decisions
  • Organize and secure the data you need
  • Create and deploy reports and dashboards with your data for immediate use and  the future
  • Receive training to continue the Power BI journey on your own – with your data and your people

Day 1:

Start with the end in mind

  • Define and understand your business model
  • Identify and understand how the people using the data do their work
  • Identify and understand what specific data people need to do their work
  • Define the critical questions people need to answer to drive further analytics
  • Design a report structure that fits with current workflow and data needs

End this workshop with the best possible foundation for making your data work for you

Dig into the data

  • Define the business facts and dimensions that will answer the questions you are trying to answer
  • Determine the sources of that data
  • Organize the data into the best format to get insight and make decisions

End the day with a data warehouse that contains the data to build your analysis, reports, dashboard and answers your questions

Day 2:

Build reports

  • Use Power BI to connect to the data warehouse and start building reports based on your business model, your methods, and the questions you are trying to answer
  • Introduce Power BI data story telling concepts into your processes
  • Includes desktop & mobile report designs

End the day with validated Power BI reports and dashboards that you will use for today and the future

Day 3:

Power BI training and best practices

  • Learn to use the full capabilities of the Power BI service
  • Learn to use the Power BI organizational, sharing and security features that match your business processes
  • Learn the latest features of Power BI including Machine Learning, and Natural Language Query capabilities
  • Train users on access, features and usability

End the day with your reports and dashboards in the most organized and secure format possible to drive user adoption and spread data insights across your organization