Lead cultural change to support growth through digital innovation and customer focus while avoiding risk

Leading your organization through a digital transformation can be challenging, balancing cultural change, growth while maintaining your customer focus and avoiding risk may seem challenging. At Arbela, we assist our clients through strategic consulting and digital services to provide you a solid roadmap to success.

Some of the challenges we see CEOs facing are:

  • Stay competitive and break from the pack, develop new revenue streams
  • Increase revenue and shareholder value
  • Better decision making based off trusted data across the organization
  • Speed to innovation andltural transformation to be customer centric
  • Concerned with identifying and minimizing risk and alignment with regulatory compliance
  • Shift from cost cutting to customer retention and customer satisfaction
  • Rapid product and service innovation and staying ahead of the competition
  • Lacking internal resources that understand and can deploy these changes

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Leverage Business Intelligence & Analytics

In today's business environment, data is king.  Access to the right information at the right time is critical.  Combined with predictive and prescriptive analytics, your analytics maturity will give you the insights to optimize your reserves, manage risk, comply with regulations, and support better decision making.

Arbela Analytics Maturity Assessment

To determine where you are on your Analytics Roadmap, we have an analytics maturity assessment.  Across 5 major categories we will determine the maturity of your organization and begin to form a roadmap on how to advance your analytics journey. Learn more.

X as a Service - Less Risk, Faster Time Value

With our X as a Service offerings you can utilize the expertise of our employees on a fractionalized basis to advanced your capabilities rapidly.

  • BI as a Service (BIaaS) - Analytics don't deploy overnight, they iterate and advanced along a journey. Our team of data warehouse, report designers, and data scientists will advance your business intelligence journey month by month while controlling costs in a predictable manner.
  • Marketing as a Service (MaaS) - Digital marketing is often difficult for companies to get right, our team of experts work with multiple marketing automation platforms to manage your social media, email marketing, digital surveys, web tracking, campaign nurturing, and web form integration. In addition, linking the marketing capabilities to provide visibility to your sales team to know when to reach out to customers and prospects for a higher conversion rate.
  • Security & Auditing as a Service (SAaaS) - Our Dynamics 365 for Operations Security experts can configure security, manage SoD (segregation of duties) rules, set up best practices and provide guidance on security design so your audits will be a breeze, while staying in regulatory compliance with SOX 404.

Customer Experience is King

If you are not focused on customer experience, you can bet your competition is. Companies are getting disrupted at a rapid rate as customers expectations are sky high. Arbela leverages the Forrester Research customer experience maturity matrix to help determine where you are on your customer lifecycle.

37% of companies are not yet at a level 1 for their customer experience maturity. 
- Forrester Research

Your Partners in Digital Transformation

Arbela works with our customers on their digital transformation journey. Technology is evolving rapidly, and understanding how can you best take advantage of it within your organization is our specialty. We offer multiple maturity assessments to first evaluate your current state and secondly to serve as the starting point for a roadmap of your digital transformation journey.

We can help you:

Engage Customers

We help you rethink customer engagement, build fans of your products and services and engagement through the full 360-degree customer lifecycle

Empower Employees

Empowerment of employees, operational information in productivity applications, delivering engaging HR experience

Optimize Operations

Rethink operational optimization, improve utilization with IoT, leverage predictive and prescriptive analytics

Transform Products & Services

Rethink product and service transformation, utilize data to enter new markets, prioritize agility